Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas 2009

Brooklyn and Abby christmas 2009

Christmas this year was a very snowy christmas! Christmas eve we made our way to my parents house so that way we could make it out and Camden could spend christmas with my family and i could make my way to work! We all woke up christmas morning and it had snowed so bad and the drifts were outragious! People were getting stuck on the hill next to my parents and cars off in the ditch. Camden told me to call in cause he didnt want me going in which was fine by me! :) So i did and plenty others called as well. I would rather save my life and car than be in a ditch somewhere and freeze. So i spent christmas with my parents and sisters (after they got unstuck) and some family that could make it up the hill. I was overall happy that i got to spend christmas with my girls and family. Christmas night we adventured out after it took all day to get camden's truck started due to the cold weather and made our way home. As soon as we got to camden they had cleared our roads really well but the street going down to the house was not touched so we had to venture the cars threw about 8 to 10 inches of snow to get down to the house. Saturday someone had came down and plowed our road for us which i was very thankful instead of having to drive threw it. Sat evening we went to Bella's 1st bday. Today our neighbor finished up and plowed our street some more all the way down to our vehicles.
Brookyln loved all of her presents from everyone and loved santa's gift. So we have been watching all the new full house movies better than watching the same one over and over again.We also went to see the new chipmunk movie on christmas eve just me and brooklyn. Very cute movie and definatley will be buying it when it comes out. Abby didnt really know what was going on but got lots of cute clothes and her very first cabbage patch baby from brooklyn. She is now officially 2 months old and we weighed her last night and she is 13 1/2 pounds. My baby girl is getting to be a big girl! She is also up to eating 6 oz bottles. Its usually every 4 hrs but sometimes longer in between. She is still sleeping really well. Overall a good christmas and now to get threw the new year and then off to 2 new babies in our family. Cant wait to meet Miss Lilleigh(I think thats how she spells it) Rae and Mr Evan

Next month got 2 baby showers to go to one just to go too and one to plan!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Been a while- update

Its been a while since i last posted anything and we have been very busy around the house especially having a newborn! Thanksgiving we went to my parents house and spent time with my family and so all my aunts and uncles who came could see Abigail. I had the day after thanksgiving off due to being on maternity leave! :) I was happy cause i havent been off that day in a very long time! Didnt go shopping though till that afternoon cause i was not about to get the girls up early and it was still busy when i went to walmart that afternoon. I ended up getting the new ice age movie and Abigail a cabbage patch baby! On to december- We had our family pics taken threw a friend of ours and did a great job on them! Now just trying to get them uploaded on this slow computer! :( I had to go back to work on the 5th of dec and let me tell ya i am pooped! Everyone is hounding me to work for them or switch shifts with them so of course me being the nice one i said yes and plus it gives me more hours. Brooklyn went to Emmalee's rock star party on the 6th with Gamma and Pappi due to me not being able to go and that way Brooklyn could go which i am very thankful for. We got Brooklyn's preschool pics back and they are cute! She has a christmas party coming up next week and she has Gracie to get a gift for. This month is flying by fast and soon it will be christmas and i am not even half way done shopping for my nieces and nephew and let alone the girls. I have to work christmas this year so Camden gets to spend christmas with my parents and the girls. Abigail is getting big and growing like crazy. We started on cereal in her last bottle at night before we all go to sleep when she was 5 1/2 weeks. She loves it! She was only waking up once a night but now she is getting herself to where she is sleeping till 530 sometimes 630 before she wants another bottle since her last one at 10 or 11. But there is still sometimes she is waking up still hungry. She is a growing girl. Camden weighed her a couple weeks ago and he was estimated her at 11 lbs 5 ozs and that was threw his fish weigher LOL She is in 0 to 3 clothes and some of them fit just right while others are swimming on her. She goes back to the dr on the 30th. She has also been fighting congestion for a week or so now and hopefully its just due to the weather and nothing else. Brooklyn is still liking school and she is happy to be back at gamma's while mommy and daddy are working. She is still loving the fact she has a sister and i think she is starting to show some signs of jealousy but its not too bad! YET any way! Other than that nothing new with her!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maternity leave

Yesterday Camden brought me the mail when he came home from work and it had my maternity leave papers in it. Well i thought since i had a c section that they would make me be off 8 weeks but i was wrong it has me only off 6 weeks! I am not going to complain cause i am actually starting to go crazy staying at home. There is only so much you can do and after you get done cleaning there is nothing left to do. I could not be a stay at home mommy! So my last day of maternity leave is Dec 4th! :( I am not really looking forward to going back to work but i am in a way! It will be here before i know it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

~Abby is 2 weeks old ~

She is officially 2 weeks old today! She went for her 2 wk check up and she is one healthy baby girl! The dr was very pleased with how well she is doing and growing! She is now 9lbs 4oz, 20 5/8 long, and her head is 15 1/8 around! He sees nothing wrong with her and wants to see her when she is 2 months old! I cant believe 2 weeks ago i gave birth to this little baby. She is doing so good! She sleeps really well for us at night and she only wakes up 2 times a night! :) I am very thankful she sleeps cause Brooklyn we had problems with at first! We are very lucky with this one cause she takes to the formula very good and we dont have to go back and forth like Brooklyn and she sleeps!!!! She is getting ready to outgrow her newborn diapers and go into size 1's but she is still in newborn clothes for now. If she keeps growing in length then it will be a different story!

Brooklyn had her official first homework yesterday afternoon. They were not able to do class work because Clayton and John were fighting and not getting along all day so everything they did was a group activity. Brooklyn got it done as soon as we came home from school. :) Next tuesday she has show in tell and weds we have a field trip to the dairy farm and then the 19th we have school pics. I am going crazy staying at home! I would never in my life be a stay at home mom cause seriously you can only do so much at home! I still have 6 weeks before i can go back! I better enjoy it while i am off i guess besides going nuts cause there are days we have nothing to do!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Our first stop was Gamma and Pappi's house so everyone could see the girls. Brooklyn was a penguin and Abby was a giraffe. Our next stop was grandma and papa's house. Mom kept Abby for us so that way we could take Brooklyn out for a while and not worry about a baby getting sick with her being a newborn. We went to our normal spot over by the high school area and Brooklyn was having so much fun. She says she loves halloween cause she gets all kinds of candy. Well there really wasnt alot of houses with lights on this year in excelsior but she still landed with 2 pumpkins full of candy. We may a pit stop over by the middle school and Camden and Brooklyn went to some houses over in the new housing additions over there. Jeremy called us and wanted to meet up with us so that way they all could see the baby and Anna could see Brooklyn so we made our way back to Richmond and met them and the girls had so much fun playing cause they have not seen one another in 2 months. Anna was a tiger and she was a cute tiger. Abby stayed asleep the whole time we were talking to him and Stephanie but it was nice catching up with some friends and talking since we hadnt seen them in a while. Overall it was a good night and Abby enjoyed staying at grandma's house. She had her first halloween and we plan on taking her next year trick or treating and we are thinking about staying in richmond next year as well too see which is better.

Friday, October 30, 2009

~Abby is officially one week old~


It's been officially one week today since i had Abby. She has grown so much since we have been home and she is one hungry girl as well. Camden and i dont know how we got so lucky with this one because she is such a good sleeper at night and she only wakes up 2 times maybe 3 in the middle of the night and she is holding her formula very well. Brooklyn, we had problems getting her to sleep due to formula hurting her tummy and constipating her. Well Abby has not had any problems in any of that! :) Brooklyn loves her sister and has been a very good girl with helping mommy and daddy when it comes to sister. She has even helped changed poopy diapers!

Yesterday we took Brooklyn to school and she had her Halloween party. She was in a mood yesterday and didnt wanna listen at first. She finally decided to put her costume on at school and everyone loved her costume. She had a fun time at her party and got lots of goodies and she cant wait to go trick or treating with daddy on halloween. Abby is going to grandma's house for a bit while we take Brooklyn out. Daddy is actually thinking about dressing up as a dr since he had to wear scrubs when i had my c section done! Brooklyn was happy daddy was dressing up but sad to say mommy is not!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally home from the hospital

We officially got home on monday from the hospital. Everyone was finally home and relaxing. Camden went back to work on tuesday and came home and took Brooklyn to school since i cant drive for one to two weeks. Other than that everyone is adapting to Abby being here with us. She is such a good baby and eats sleeps and makes diapers. Thats it! She is not a fussy one like Brooklyn was at first when she was a baby due to formula making her tummy hurt. I was still really sore when i came home at first but i am not as bad now. Climbing into the explorer is still a work in progress still till my incision heals up completely. Its kind of driving me crazy cause i hate staying at home but on the other hand i dont feel comfortable driving right now cause of my incision still being alittle sore and the seat belt lands right there. Abby goes to see Dr. Tompkins on weds the 28th(today) and on my papers they put to go back in 3 wks to see the dr that delivered Abby but he doesnt have 3wk follow ups so they have me going to see him in 6wks. So i plan on keeping a eye on the incision and still taking it easy and any flair up Camden says i am to call the dr! He didnt understand why they would write come back in 3 wks but they tell me he only does 6 wk follow ups, i told them what my paper said and they told me Dr.Billharz only does 6 wk follow ups not 3 and the dr that released me from the hospital Dr.Kramer she does the 3 and 6 wk follow ups. So needless to say i go back in dec to the dr. Abby went to the dr today for her checkup and she is one growing baby! She is almost back to her birth weight and tompkins says by the time they are 2wk old they should be back to birth weight well we dont have a problem with that one! She weighs 8lbs 6oz and is 20 5/8 in long and her head is 14 7/8 around, and she was 8lbs 10oz 20in long and her head was 14 3/4 around! Dr tompkins says she looks healthy and is growing good.

*Abigail Rae Summers*

Big sister Brooklyn and Abby

Abby 3 days old

Abigail Rae Summers is here! Officially made her appearance @ 9:14pm on October 23,2009

On Oct 23,2009 Camden and i made our way to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital at 6am and filled out paperwork and off we were to have a baby. The nurse got my iv and pitocin going at 7:3oam and then Dr. Billharz came in and broke my water at 8:30 that morning. Camden was being very good about keeping people updated. The came in and attempted to put in my epidural at 10:30 but the first one was not successful. The second epidural was a success and mommy was in a lot of pain at was at a 5. I never could have done it normally, i am a chicken when it comes to pain!!! They kept coming in and checking and i would gradually make my way up there. By 4pm Dr.Billharz told them to start uping the pitocin every 30min to get it going faster to get miss Abby here. Well by 8:30pm she still wasnt here and Dr.Billharz came in and was concerned. He is a stickler for c sections but he was highly recommending it because my pelvic bones were not allowing Abby to come down anymore or she was just to big. I told him to do whatever he needed to do to get her here safely cause he was giving me the option to go longer to see if she would come by herself and like i said i am a chicken when it comes to pain so Camden and i gave him the go a heads on the c section. They got me all prepped and ready to head back to the or to get the c section rolling. During the prep time the anistigolist ( dont think thats right) was a little concerned that since i had the epidural put in almost 12 hours ago it was not going to work and so then if it didnt work he was going to have to put me to sleep :( luckly the stuff worked when he enjected it into my back again and we were on the road to get this baby here. By the time they started my c section i was so tired and worn out i was falling asleep and was not feeling good cause i had not eaten a thing, but after all the labor and pain mommy had to go threw baby Abby officially came out of my stomach at 9:14pm @ 8lbs 10oz 20in long. Camden got to watch the c section so he got to see them cutting me open and taking stuff out of my body to get her here! Poor guy had been threw enough waiting for her to get here got to see all the blood and guts too! When they put my 1st epidural in he went to a pale white and looked like a ghost so he had to go sit down. After the pains and getting sick i finally had my little girl here and now i have 2 beautiful little girls. :) About 10:30pm everyone finally got to see Miss Abby. Brooklyn was so tired and starting to get cranky but she enjoyed holding her little sister.

Saturday Dr.Billharz came in for his round visits and was making sure everything was ok. He was happy we did the c section because Abby laying slightly sideways in my cervix and that may have been why she was not making her way down very well and that when he made the incision normally when you go in to get the baby out you see a arm or a shoulder, well he said she was right there face and all and looking right at him! He said that was the first time that thats every happen to where you see a baby's face right off the get go!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's going to be a busy time soon!

Well i was off today and i took Brooklyn to preschool. She has so much going on at school coming up its crazy! She has her halloween party coming up on the 29th, that i will get to go too :), then we have the field trip to the fire station Nov 3rd, i felt bad on that one cause only one other person had signed up to help out so me being the nice one i said i would help, so if its too cold that day we may be knocking on Aunt Peggy's door (which i am sure she would LOVE to keep the baby), then come Nov 11 Camden and i will be going with her to the shatto dairy farm and we are still up in the air about taking Abby with us but we will see later what weather will be like, then she has school pics come Nov 19 so i am going to have to find a cute outfit for her pics now!
Well anyways, come 3 days Abby will be here and then we will have 2 rugrats at home! :) We are all excited and cant wait! I am so happy and appreciate everyone that has offered to help out with Brooklyn while i am in the hospital. I appreciate it alot and so does Camden. We are greatful for all of it!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


all i have to say is i think i am going to be bald by the time i hit 30!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

-at the house-

" Brooklyn's first fish ( she was scared and didnt wanna touch it)"
"Brooklyn and her pumpkin she picked out"

well alot has been going on since last time i was on here, Camden and i took Brooklyn to her first preschool field trip on Sept 30, she had so much fun playing with Gracie and Grace and she even helped daddy pick out a pumpkin for her sister when she gets here. Brooklyn caught her first fish when Camden and i took her to Ray county lake,she was so excited and so was Camden. Brooklyn would not touch it though which was even more funny! My doctor's appts have been going good and i just recently went to one yesterday and they are inducing me on the 23rd due to the baby measuring full term and not having any more room to grow! Wish me luck cause i am sure she is going to be huge!!!!!! So as of yesterday i only have to work 2 more days and i am off for 6 weeks and this is the first year in god knows when that i have not had to work the day after thanksgiving!!!! YEA a vacation from work! Looking forward to staying home and being home with the baby and Brooklyn, i am sure Brooklyn will be jealous at first but i am sure she will be my little helper as well. She is still getting over being sick and finishing up her antibiotic the dr put her on for the virus she has, now she has been fever free for 3 days now but she is still congested and today she is coughing alot and almost sounds like she is going to loose her poor little voice! She will eventually get well as we are forcing medicines down her! Next weekend we have so much going on but since the baby will be here that friday we will sadly have to miss out, we got invited to Emmalee and Tori's halloween party in hale, missouri saturday evening as well as the church halloween party is that evening as well. So its all up to daddy on wether or not she is going to either one cause i will be in a hospital bed! :( but better news is Abby will be here for Halloween so we can take both girls trick or treating! :) Brooklyn is so happy she gets to be a peguin this year and she is even more happy that gamma is making her costume for her, cant wait to see my little peguin! :) Brooklyn has her halloween party at school on the 29th so i am going to try and make it to that and then she has a field trip the first of nov to the fire station- that all is going to depend on how much help she already has signed up, the shatto dairy farm is on the 12th of nov and i am really looking forward to that cause i have never been there and thinks its going to be interesting! I love going and doing things with Brooklyn and her school since she has became a preschooler! My little girl is growing up! Here lately she has been trying to push buttons and we are all thinking its due to the baby arriving soon, which is a very good possibility! Hopefully she wont be too much worse when we bring her home from the hospital!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~been busy~

It has been forever since i put anything on here! Well most of my dr appt have been going pretty good. My last one was with the nurse practioner again and i really dont care for her! I asked her if it was normal to be light headed all the time and she said it was! Its just really weird that i am getting light headed all of a sudden with this one but never did when i was pregnant with Brooklyn. Who knows i am going to let Dr. Cargill know i am still like that and see what she says on thurs. They were supposed to start checking to see if i am dilating at all and they didnt last time so i am hoping she will on thurs. I would say Abby is ready to go cause she loves to push like she is coming out any minute and let me tell you its not comfortable! I have been having braxton hicks contractions like crazy too this past week and they are not comfortable when i have them at work! Camden changed his days off so now he is off weds and thurs! i am kinda liking it cause we both have been off and have spent sometime together when he has not been out fishing! :( Brooklyn has been going to preschool and she loves it! She has been learning to trace her name and learning the alphabet. She is doing really good tracing her name cant wait till she can do it herself! Thursday would be her first field trip to the pumpkin patch but its supposed to rain all day! So Camden and i are taking her on weds (tomorrow) so she can enjoy it and not get sick from getting wet. Which 2 others from her class will be there tomorrow so she will know some of the kids. Other than that Brooklyn just had her party on the 20th and she had a princess party and had so much fun! She loves all of her gifts and loved playing with all the kids. She then officially turned 4 on the 26th! We were going to take her out to eat but i wasnt feeling all that great that day and i was really tired so we stayed home that night. We will another day. My uncle got married on the 27th but we were not able to go due to both camden and i working which from what i have been told didnt miss much! oh Brooklyn told us she wants to be a peguin for halloween! There is no ands ifs or buts about this one tried to change her mind on it to something else and she wants to be a peguin! how funny is that!!! my child has a mind of her own i guess!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*Brooklyn's First Day Of Preschool*

The day started out early when Brooklyn woke up at 730am having a accident in our bed, which i think is cause she had so much to drink before going to bed even after she went potty before bedtime. It was 11am and i made her eat lunch and then we got ready to go to school. She was so happy and so excited to go to school. Daddy couldnt drop off Brooklyn with me because he was the only one at work and couldnt leave. :( Brooklyn and i arrived at school and she went off and started playing in the play-do with Gracie. When all of us moms went to leave Cadan didnt want his mom to leave and started crying. Poor guy! There was only 3 kids plus Brooklyn today because one little girl was sick and 3 cant start till sept and 1 in jan. They colored a apple pic and then used scissors and made a apple pic with red paper and glue. Very cute job she did! They traced their names and Brooklyn told Mrs. Padgett she spelled her name wrong because of the way she made the k and to Brooklyn it looked like a r. lol They all went threw their colors and the only one the 4 of them had problems with was grey. They learnt a new song "Peanut butter and jelly". Brooklyn had fun playing with all the kids. Today we had Brookyln, Gracie, Ashlee and Cadan in her class. Poor guy was the only one in there! At 230 i went and picked her up and they sang us parents the peanut butter and jelly song and then it was time to leave, well Brooklyn didnt want too! We then finally got in the car and left to go to daddy's work so she could show him her pictures and tell him about her day. After that we made a stop at gamma and pappi's house. Brookyln got to see Emmalee and Victoria Faith! She was so happy to see Emmalee! They gave each other big hugs as soon as that door came open! They played for a while and then Brooklyn started playing with Tori and that kind of upset Emmalee. After a few minutes Brooklyn was playing with everyone! After a long day of being up we headed home and Brooklyn fell asleep in the car for 5 mins and we got home and she woke right up so we could watch the new Hannah Montana movie! So far so good on the movie!

Mommy enjoyed being away from Brooklyn and not having to work today. Went and got my hair cut which was needed so bad and then i took Camden some lunch and came home and relaxed, soon i wont be able to cause Abby will be here soon enough! So we are going to enjoy as much of it as i can!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation time / 28 wk check up

Where to begin? This year we went on our vacation and headed off to the reunion. Camden left and went down thursday to truman lake and spent some time at our lake lot at bent tree harbor. He didnt have too much luck with fishing because the water was low. He had a nice time being by himself which i was happy cause he needed it. Friday Brooklyn and i were off to the reunion and followed my dad down there since he wasnt going the way he normally does. Camden beat us down there and got the room ready and turned the air on! :) On the way down we stopped at a amish store and we got some stuff there. We finally arrived at the resort little after noon and got our bags all settled in the room. We went swimming that afternoon for a while and then Camden took Gaige and Brooklyn fishing down by the boat docks and ramps but no luck of catching fish! They got some nibbles but nothing else. That evening we had our group gathering and we ate homemade ice cream and let me tell ya even though there was not much there since not alot showed up this year it was still very yummy! Saturday we went and got 800 lbs of rock my parents bought for what heck if i know! CRAZY! It rained the first part of the morning there but other than that it quit towards the afternoon. We went swimming for a while on sat and then mostly stayed around the resort ate lunch, played games! That evening they had dinner catered in and it was ok, after dinner we had our auction and we still brought in over 1000 for only have 60 people there this year. Saturday night little miss Abby was being a pain in the you know what and i was so uncomfortable. She was everywhere and even laying down was not helping! Finally at 1am i was able to lay down and get some sleep until my dad came in and fell asleep! Then the horrible snoring began! Sunday we all slept in and went and ate breakfast. We had our business meeting and elected new officers and thank god once again Camden didnt get elected! I dont know how he would have been able to help plan anything with his work schedule but he thinks he could have done it! He got drug into it anyway thanks to dad and they are supposed to be planning a float trip and looking for a new place to go next year! After that we were off to head home! :) Couldnt wait till i got home! Besides the beds were not comfortable and dad snoring and Brooklyn kept running down to the pool with out a life jacket on and noone around her it was a good time! Cant wait to see what next year brings to us! Monday we went to the kc zoo with Macynna and Jared and the girls had so much fun! By the 4th hour they were tired and cranky so we left. I will soon get pics of the zoo on facebook cause i took over 200 pics~ Tuesday we had to go back to work and let me tell ya i was not looking forward to it!

Tuesday i had my 28 wk check up with the dr. I had to be there @8am and they did the retake of the 3 d sono, which i am glad they did! Abby was still not cooperating like we wanted her too but she was better than the last one i had done so we got some cute poses of her! She took measurements of her and she was measuring to be almost 3 weeks a head of schedule! She weighed 3 lbs and 2 oz and her heart beat jumped all the way to 158. So our little girl is growing like a weed! After the sono i waited to see Dr Olhausen ( the one that delivered Brooklyn) and he said most likely it looks like i will go early by the way she is growing! Other than that him measuring my stomach by his hands i am measuring just right! He put in my file the growth of her from the sono and checked all the other measurements from all the other ones i have had done. He checked the dates to see when i would be due with her growth and so now we are looking at anytime pretty much in Oct the way she is growing! My next visit will be my last monthly visit and then its every 2 weeks! :) that means its getting close! I get to go see Dr Olhausen again on my next visit!

I was off to take Brooklyn to Bobbi's for the day and i get a phone call and i let it just ring since it was unknown and i never answer them, well come to find out it was work and they were throwing me and another girl a baby shower and it was at 11. Well noone bothered to tell me about it and i had been on vacation and so i assumed i needed to be to work at 1130 when i was scheduled to be there . So i called them back and they are like where are you? I am like who was the one that was supposed to call me and tell me about the shower? They preceeded to tell me that they posted it on the board on a friday (when i was not there). I asked do u all look at people's schedules cause i have been on vacation for the past week and a half! So needless to say i have no so bright people i work with! I was there for my shower for 15 mins and then i had to go to work. I got alot of newborn stuff so lets hope she fits into it all! I am good on onesies up to 3 months now! Got alot of cute clothes and sleepers and they made me a diaper cake made out of huggies diapers! I told them i wanted to use pampers along time ago because Brookyln had issues with alot of diapers so instead of going threw all that again i was just sticking to pampers! Well i guess i am going to have to try and see if she breaks out from them so they dont go to waste and if she does i can give them to people i know thats prego again! Overall it was ok and the shower was very nice and thoughtful and i appreciate they thought about us both!

Now cant wait till the baby q on the 22nd! So far we have had a few rsvp back but hopefully we have more so we know how much food to cook and get! Cant wait to spend time with family and friends! :) <3

Miss Abigail

Monday, July 13, 2009

*Miss Abigail Rae Summers*

* Miss Abigail Rae *
It's official! We had our 3 d sono done today and we found out its a girl!!!!!! We had chosen some names and when they first suspected it being a girl we told Brooklyn and she said she wanted to name her sister Abby Rae, so it stuck! We still have one stubborn child on our hands! This time she would not move so they could get some full shots of her face all you could see was her side! She was busy snuggling up to my uterus and would not budge!!! We got to see some cute poses but not good enough to capture on a pic. She opened her mouth one time and then she moved her hands! TOO CUTE! She hopefully will get out of being so stubborn when she actually arrives in the world! They checked her heartbeat and it was strong and steady at 145, and they said she is almost 2 pounds! She is actually a head of schedule on her weight. So either the little missy is probably going to come earlier than Oct 30 or she is going to be bigger than 7 lbs like her sister was! I liked the name Abigail and we decided on Rae so it was a name that stuck in the family. My middle name is Rae and so was Camden's mother's so she is taking after me and her grandma. Once again Camden is out numbered in the house and its official no more kids after this! Wonder who she is going to take after!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

-The storm-

Evidently we had a bad storm come threw friday morning and down here it looked like a tornado hit! We all slept right threw it too! I got up and got Brookyn and me ready to go to Laura's house to play with Macynna and walked outside to leave and thats when all you see is tree limbs down everywhere and a big tree down in our yard! BOOO! I left and the whole way out of Camden there is tree limbs in roads and its not looking pretty. I called Camden and asked him if he saw the big tree down in our back yard and he is said no! I am wondering to myself how on earth do you not see a big tree as big as it was down in our back yard especially when its on top of his tree stand! Well anyways he said that the rain was so bad it blew in the front door at his work but nothing got ruined which was a plus for him and louis. It was not just us that got hit it was everywhere! Long story short i went to work and then went and got Camden and when we got home he saw the backyard and he was mad! The tree bent his tree stand and now he cant fix it and so he went and started cutting it up that night but its still sitting in our back yard with it being so big its going to take a little while to get rid of it with the hours he works. Well i got some pics of it but it was dark and foggy that night so they didnt really come out very good, but if you have been down here there are 2 big trees in our backyard and they are almost directly in front of the porch on the back of the house well the one on the left side of the house half of it came tumbling down and landed away from the house, thank goodness it didnt come towards the house! The other storm we had last year that was pretty windy took part of the other tree in the backyard so it has a hunk missing out of it too. So now they match LOL! Camden is more upset with his tree stand being ruint over the tree coming down. I think Brooklyn was more upset because her swimming pool got tree branches in it and all around it and luckily it didnt pop it or we would have one 3 yr old not a happy camper. She was already not happy when she walked out and seen the branches because she cant swim till it gets cleaned out now!

*Brooklyn & Macynna*

brooklyn and macynna

This past week Brooklyn has been having so much fun playing with Macynna. Macynna comes home to her dad every so often from California. This past week Brooklyn has been going over to Macynna's gma's to play with her and then she had her very first sleepover with Macynna friday night. She did very good and got out of bed one time before bedtime to go potty. Once they went to sleep they stayed a sleep thank goodness! I think it was also due to no nap that day! They played in the water and played with sidewalk chalk after they got wet and it was like paint after that! They have been playing in the swimming pool over at Laura's house and been having a fun time together. They had so much fun! Sat morning i went to pick her up and Jared, Stephanie and me and the girls went to lawson to watch their parade and Brooklyn showed somewhat interest in it but not a lot. Mostly shriners in the parade and thats about it. Well that afternoon we got back and the girls took their naps and we met back up to go back to lawson for the carnival! They had so much fun with at the carnival. They rode all the little kids rides and some big rides with Camden and Jared. There is only about a month and a half difference in age and Brooklyn is older. As soon as Camden got off i went and got him and he came back up and rode some rides with the girls! It was so cute watching him get into the dragons and tea cups! LOL Camden and Brooklyn rode the big slide and they both had fun. Overall Sat was a busy day and we were all tired and worn out by that night!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~24 week check up~

I went to the dr office on tues and it went rather well. It was my glucose testing so i had to down a nasty fruit punch drink. Nothing like a pure sugar drink! NASTY! I felt like crap all day from that test and even though i ate something it still made me feel like poop! I have not gained any weight since my last visit so i have a feeling its gonna be like last time with Brooklyn and gain it all my last 2 months! I go back on monday the 13th to have a 3 d sono done and i am hoping (cross the fingers) that this is gonna tell 100% of what the sex of the baby is! So we will see!
Tuesday Brooklyn went to my supervisiors' house and played with Macynna! She had so much fun with her and played all day. She played a total of 6 hours in the pool and she was a little crispy from it but she is once again like Camden and she is tan after 2 days! That evening she slept from 7:45pm to 8:30 the next morning! Yesterday Camden and Steven went down to truman and went fishing! They had no luck catching fish so they came back early and went somewhere else fishing! That evening Camden came home and started mowing and we put up Brooklyn's green pool. We have a lot to teach her because she kept getting in and out and now there is grass floating in it! GO FIGURE! I finished up mowing and ran over a brown snake, dont know what kind it was but i keep seeing them in the same spot in the yard, well anyways other than that not a lot going on at our house! Brookyln is having a blast playing with Macynna and going to her grandma's house and playing in her pool!

Monday, June 22, 2009

~It's been a while~

It's been a while since i have been on here! What's been going on, well we went to my 20 week check up on june 9th and everything is good, baby is growing like crazy. They tried 2 times to get a pic to make it 100% official that its a girl and this child is very active and stubborn. It kept its legs closed the whole time and would not open up for nothing. I got back for my glucose test on the 7th of July which i am not looking forward too cause it makes me very sick and after my appointment i have to go straight to work! :( We then go back to have a 3 d sono done and hopefully will get a pic to show 100 % its a girl. We have thought about names and we let Brooklyn the big sister decide and if it is a girl 100% she wants her sisters name to be Abigail Rae ( Abby for short) and if comes to be a boy we are still on Colton Dean or Hunter Eugene. Brooklyn is very excited about being big sister and cant wait! Well father's day Camden and I both had to work which my day went ok and it was really boring but Cam's didnt go so well. He has been needing a new phone cause his phone went to poo and so he has been using mine and you cant hear him very well on it. Well he got a hold of our phone company and needless to say they made him mad cause they want more money out of us after he were to get a new phone for some plan you have to have or the new phone wont work. CROCK OF POO! We went by my parents house last night as well and spent some time with my parents and then we were headed home and Cam's little red car breaks down and he cant get it to start. He has checked all the major big parts and it still wont start, so him and his buddy Steven are going to work on it again tonight. Mom had her surgery on the 17th and it went really well and she is getting up and around really good and will be off for 6 weeks. Other than that nothing else has really been going on besides its been really hot out and humid but i dont have to complain because i have not been miserable yet with the heat, its just been my sinuses. We missed Anna's bday this year due to having to work but on a brighter note she turned 2! She is growing up quick!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brooklyn's big girl bed~:)

We officially put up her big girl bed last night! I was hoping she would sleep in it all night and not come try and climb in bed with us and to my suprise she did! She woke up at 5 am this morning and tried i repeat TRIED but no success! I put her back in her bed and soon enough she fell right back to sleep :) It made me so happy cause i actually got some good night sleep rather than her feet or whole body in my back! I woke up feeling good and i felt really good today while i was at work! Hopefully she will continue to sleep that good in the bed!
Camden came home and was putting her bed up and she got in the way so i went and put on chipmunks to keep her occupied and she watched it for a while. Well when we finished putting it together i told her to come here, and sure enough she ran to her room and climbed on the bed and started jumping! Well i explained we dont jump on beds cause we can get hurt from it so she just bounced around because its a extra long twin bed and sure enough she bounced her way to the head board and hit her head! LOL She didnt hit hard and didnt cry so thats a plus! She loves it! The bed takes up a lot of space and i proceeded to tell Cam we are going to have to do something different if we are going to put a baby bed in here as well!
Well i had the idea of making the big spare room a play room because Brooklyn has so many toys and no where to really put them all, so sure enough daddy gave in and we are going to transform the spare bedroom into a play room! YEA! I might even get her castle to come inside so we are not having to move it everytime we mow the yard. We will have to see about that cause it may take up too much room! Hopefully not cause she loves playing it in! She gets mad when the neighbors dogs come anywhere near it or her playhouse! She is excited to have her toys in the other room and have more space but will daddy? He has to give up his room for hunting stuff! LOL He says oh well its part of having kids but u can tell he didnt wanna give it up LOL

Monday, May 18, 2009

16 week check up

well where to start? I went to the dr today and everything is going good. I lost another pound and Dr. Kramer said she is not worried about it as long as i am feeling good, which besides the pain i was having for that cyst and my sinus draining every morning i have felt great. Baby's heart beat was 145 and the girl finding the heart beat found it right off the bat, which was exciting cause every single one before this has taken a good five mins if not longer to find it! Dr. Kramer said she wants to see me back in 3 1/2 weeks so i will be right at 20 wks. Well my next appt i will be 19 1/2 wks but thats ok, i am anxiously awaiting to see what we are having and i know everyone else is, everyone at work is i do know that! JUNE 9th is the sono and i go see a new dr Dr. Harz

Well we didnt do much over the weekend, sat i cleaned house after i went and changed the oil in the explorer. I took Brooklyn to see the water from all the rain on friday night, orrick wasnt bad like it was the night before but o hwy was covered so she was happy she got to see it. Sunday we went to church and spent time with my parents and ate dinner over there. Brooklyn got her big girl bed from papa so now all we have to do is buy a mattress. My parents had a bunk bed I used to sleep on when i lived there and he gave it to Brooklyn cause we are getting ready to soon transfer her out of her toddler bed to a big girl bed :( She will love it cause its longer than a twin bed is normally but its a twin. She also made us aware that night at dinner that she does not like fried mushrooms! :) yea for mommy cause i hate them too! Poor daddy cause daddy likes them! While we were in ex we made a trip to dari b and its been forever since i have been there and oh that ice cream was so good! YUMMY! Brooklyn got a cotton candy ice cream and she loved it as well!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~What a mother's day~

Where to begin! First off i had to work! BOOO! Which today was so boring at work and was pointless for all those people to be there cause we were not busy! I didnt want to go to work today, i wanted to stay home and spend time with Brooklyn. Well i ended up going to work and had a boring day and then when i got off thats when it went to crap! I got into it with Rishae, Brooklyn's godmother! Long story short it didnt go to well at first and now its to where she wants to sit down and talk and straighten things out. I went to my parents and spent some time with my mommy and my grandma was there so i got to see her for a bit. Well Brooklyn was getting cranky so we ended up leaving at 9ish. Brooklyn gave me lellow(yellow) flower, is what she calls it! She cracks me up when she says yellow! Other than that nothing new has been going on here at the house. The other day we walked up to the mail box to grab the mail and our neighbors dogs came running over to us and she got scared. I told her they were not going to jump on her and they wouldnt lick her and they just wanted to walk. She proceeded to tell me that she only likes the lellow dog and not the black one! LOL She cracks me up! So our neighbors yellow dog is officially named lellow and she says she likes him! WOW cant believe she actually said she liked a dog. It tried coming near her and she gotten frightened.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy weekend

We had a busy weekend! Brooklyn and i left the house about 9:45am on Sat to head to town and go get her Mo chip done updated. Well that pretty much went into a disaster! We went in and i forgot her yellow enevelope from last year so we had to go threw the whole thing all over again! Well Brooklyn would not sit still and she wanted to get up and move around well the room was full of people. It was our turn to do her fingerprints and she would not stand on a stool to do them and she would not stick her fingers on the screen for them to get them! :( Mom was getting a little aggravated at her because she was not doing it! Well the guy that was there got her to sit on his lap while she was crying her eyes out and showed her what it does when she sticks her fingers on the screen and well she still didnt want to do it. We finally got it down and then off to the cotton swab in mouth, and another failure! She wouldnt open her mouth! I told her she could have sticker if she would open up and she opened alittle so we got it! Well then off to the final station and she was wearing me out on my hip so i let her down and told her to stay right by me and nope she didnt, off she went! Well i got a hold of her and off we went to meet Jessica to go up town.

We got uptown and walked around alittle and Jeremy called to see where we were and him and Anna met us up there so they could walk around and watch the parade with us. All in all Anna and Brooklyn had a good time with one another. It was time for the parade and we seen my mother and so we decided to stay and watch with her and my sister Bobbi and her family met us up there and watched it with us as well. The parade was long but overall it was alright. There was alot of things Brooklyn didnt like cause it scared her! GO FIGURE! Jeremy bought the girls snow cones and they both loved theirs! Anna pretty much chugged hers down when it got to liquid. It was cute! After the parade we walked around alittle bit and then we had to head back to the car so we could go to Cobi and Dylan's parties.

Brooklyn fell asleep on the way there and woke up after we arrived to their house. Brooklyn had so much fun playing with all the kids and jumping on the trampoline. When it was time to go she didnt want to leave. I figured she would fall asleep on the way home and had no luck with that she was awake the whole time. We got home that evening and Camden was working on the lawnmower because we had to replace the steering piece in it so we could actually turn the lawn mower with out killing ourselfs. Well it was getting late and all of a sudden Camden runs in the house holding his eye and runs to the bathroom, i am like oh great now what happen? Well he had sprayed some type of chemical almost like wd40 and when he sprayed it he went to go try and loosen some bolts and i guess it dripped in his eye. I wanted to take him to the er but no someones stubborn behind didnt want to and said it was better after he flushed it out with water forever. I told him if it starts bothering his vision we are going! Well he called the poison control to see what they would tell him to do and they told him to flush it alittle more and then rest for the night and keep a cold wash rag on it and they would call back in a hour. They did call back and he said its ok.

Well we all went to sleep that night and the next morning sure enough he was back out there working on the lawnmower! He did get it fixed and its now good to go! He has been mowing the past 2 days to get rid of this jungle of a yard we have! Thank goodness! I hate when our yard gets too tall cause it looks like poop down here when its like that. Well our neighbor is not doing any better, his yard is starting to look like a junk yard and he has not mowed it at all! Sunday we really didnt do much but stay home and play. Brooklyn played outside alittle and Camden mowed it till it got dark. Brooklyn got alittle sun on her poor cheeks from sat but its not that bad its pretty much going to tan now!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

another day

well i have been using the heating pad where its been hurting and it has been really helping. I have not been having near as much pain as i was and it quits hurting when i put it on there. YEA! Hopefully it will fully quit! When i am at work and i am going ninety to nothing trying to get things done thats when it really starts bothering me but luckly i have tyenol and ibuprofen in my purse so i stop what i am doing and go take one. This child is a trouble maker and its not even here!
Well this weekend is the mushroom festival and i am hoping for NO rain! I wanna go up there again this year so Brookyln can watch the parade and we can walk around. She is excited to go and see a parade i just hope it doesnt rain! We plan on having that mo chip identification thing done again this year because i was looking at hers from last year and she has changed so i think its best we just do it again. Then that afternoon into the evening Brooklyn has been invited to Cobi and Dylan's birthday parties. So she is excited to go to that as well. She is always excited to play with kids. So overall we are going to have a busy Saturday and hopefully Sunday we can relax. I am glad i am off the weekend.
Work is same old crap, people are lazy and dont wanna do their own jobs so they make someone else do it! Camden's work is pretty much the same. Brooklyn is still to the point she dont like to listen and you have to repeat yourself time and time again. She has been sleeping in her own bed! :) We bought some different night lights and they pretty much light up her room and i think thats what it was. She didnt have that much light in her room and was afraid of the dark. She also is getting to that point she doesnt want to take a nap everyday :( I always look forward to the peace and quiet and sometimes lay down myself and take a cat nap. She is still excited about going to preschool in Aug.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aches and pains

Well the past 2 days i have been having some cramping like crazy! And i figured it would go away and nope i was wrong! I called the dr office today and they made me aware that i have ONCE again a cyst on my left ovaries and that is most likely whats causing the pain since thats where it hurts! I had a cyst on my ovaries when i was pregnant with Brooklyn and never had any problems but this one is different!And when they did my last sono they found one on my vaginal canal and said thats nothing to worry about but never said i still had one or had one on my left ovaries! I was told there was nothing really they could do and she told me to take tylenol and ibuprofen and to put a heating pad on it for 20 min and then take it off for 30 and repeat for a while to see if that helps ease the pain! Well she then said hopefully it wont rupture! I am like what? I hope not cause first off i dont know what it would do and then second of all what's going to happen to the kid? If it continues to bother me i am supposed to call back and then they will see about getting me actually in for a appointment. I dont go back till may 18th to see the dr. I talked to the other nurse practioneer today and she is the one that told me all of that so i am hoping what she said works! I hate pain and its not bad like labor pains but the thought of having a constant pain there is not what i want! So i guess i am going to be in pain till it goes away! NOT FUN!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well i havent wrote anything in awhile but here's whats been going on! Here lately Brooklyn has been sleeping in her own bed! :) She has been acting like she is too big to take a nap anymore! :(
I love it when she takes naps cause that usually means mom gets her own peace and quiet! Well she has been rather mouthy the past few days too which i know is her age! Camden has been going hunting still and nothing! He has seen all kinds but nothing big enough or he cant get them to come in close to him. He skipped out on hunting this morning so he could catch up on sleep! LOL He wakes up at 4 or 5 every morning depending on where he is going hunting at and then after hunting he goes straight to work at 10am. He is one tired boy! Work for me has been really slow there has not been a lot of business at the hospital! Thank god for days off! Pregnancy wise i have been feeling pretty good, tired alot, and then every once in a while i have cramping in my hips and sometimes my stomach. It dont last long but it really reminds me of why i hated being pregnant with Brooklyn. I didnt mind being pregnant with her it was just being uncomfortable all the time with all the cramping! Its not fun! Well i got 6 more months of putting up with it! Today i got to see my father in law for the first time in god knows when. My brother in law got in a wreck and broke his leg in many places and had to have surgery today. What fun seeing people u have not seen in forever! Well other than that we have all been healthy here except for some allergies. Brooklyn and i have been congested some from the weather and air. Other than all well here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

whats going on around our house

Well i dont know what the deal with Brooklyn is because the past 2 nights she has slept in her own bed. Why cant it be every night and not every so often? The past 3 days she has been really congested so we have been giving her medicine to help her breathe so that may have something to do with it as well. Who knows! Yesterday the stink head didnt wanna take a nap, i made her lay down for a couple hours and nope no nap! The past 2 days she has not woke up till 9:00am. Which yea its a relief for mom and dad so they can sleep in but when she sleeps in late like that its tooth and nail trying to get her to take a nap in the afternoon. Camden has continued his journey every morning to get up and go turkey hunting and still nothing ! He got up at 2am this morning so he could meet a guy in Richmond by 3am and they were off to clinton , mo to go turkey hunting today! YES i know he is NUT but i love him. Tomorrow we will be married 4 years! Time flies and before you know it, its been forever! We would have been together 8 years in oct this year! I love him dearly and i am glad i married the love of my life. We have a beautiful family together and thats the most important thing to me. I am happy that i have been able to become apart of Camden's family and he has with mine. Many more happy years to come! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

another day

well today was opening turkey season and Camden went. Didnt have much luck, he saw some turkeys but i guess too small, he also saw some deer. Brooklyn went to Gamma's today. She started having a runny nose in the middle of the night last night and it still continues today. Hopefully its nothing big. She once again did not sleep in her own bed! I went and bought her 2 more night lights for her room and we got pink princess night lights, so i thought those would help but i guess not. She has been onery as ever of not listening to mommy and daddy. Came home tonight and her daddy screaming at her for not listening all the way outside! Hopefully she was good for Aunt Peggy. Crossing my fingers! Long day at work and came home and watched the new episode of one tree hill and missed where peyton got into the wreck! I got to see the major part only missed like 10 mins of the beginnning! Well hopefully Camden has better luck tomorrow morning before work!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Brooklyn officially slept in her own bed after it being a hassle for about a week now! She slept till 6:30 and then came to our room and said its time to get up and i told her no its not! So she hopped in bed and laid beside me and fell back asleep till about 8. I am happy she is staying in her own bed till 6ish, atleast i am getting some sleep. She has 2 nightlights on in her room everynight so i dont know why she wasnt sleeping in there. She wants her big princess bed now, so i told her she was going to have to prove to mommy and daddy she can stay in the bed she has, so i dont know if thats whats getting her motivated to sleep in her bed again or what? Dont really know! We are going to have to buy her a new tv for her room because the one in there has went to poo! I dont know how much longer i can stand watching her movies with her. I dont mind some of them but not all of them! They drive me crazy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

What a day~

Well where do i start~ Today i got up and went to sit on the couch and my stomach was bothering me like crazy! I went and grabbed something to eat after Camden was headed to go drop Brooklyn off at Aunt Peggy's. I sat on the couch and finally decided to get ready for work and my stomach still felt really sour. Well i left for work and and right as soon as i get to 210 i ended up getting sick in the car! :( It went everywhere! So i had to head back home and get cleaned up and of course the car but the car still smelled like vomit! What a day to start out! I was late for work and it pretty much stayed the same, crappy! My stomach has bothered me all day and i have had a headache on top of it.
Well good news on another note Camden's soccer team won their game last night! WOOHOO! He was excited about that. He is still counting the days till turkey season opens! He cracks me up! Other than that it has been a constant battle this past week to get Brooklyn to sleep in her own bed at night. She lays in her bed and crys till someone (DADDY) gives in to her and lets her come to bed with us. So needless to say i dont get much sleep and being pregnant i am always tired. Everynight she has been in bed with us i wake up and she has her feet in my back and one morning it was her feet in my stomach. I dont mind it every once in a blue moon but not every dang night. ITS GETTING OLD! I told her that she cant have a bigger bed till she starts sleeping in her own bed and she told me she dont want a bigger bed! She does really good during the day sleeping in her bed when she takes her naps. I dont know why all of a sudden she dont want to at night! I think someone spoils her toooooooooooooooo much! CAMDEN! Well we will see how things go tonight hopefully i will get some sleep tonight and not have a kid in my back, its bad enough when i go to roll over Camden is there, i dont need more!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, i figured this is one way to keep everyone updated on how our family is and how the new pregnancy is coming along. Well everything has been going really good at our house staying busy and working alot. Camden has been helping his boss coach a soccer team in lexington and they have won all their games except for one. Which to me is really good! He cant wait for turkey season. He is counting the days down till it gets here. I have been working and when i am not working i am usually on the go. I do like it when i have time to sit around and relax! Brooklyn is getting ready to start preschool in August of this year and she is really excited about going and can't wait. When she is not at home with mom or dad she is off to Gamma's house (Aunt Peggy's) while we are working. She loves going over there to play with all the kids. She loves definately playing with Emmalee and Tori. She is growing up so fast. She will soon be 4 and i cant believe its been that long ago since i had her.
Well most of you know i am expecting number 2. My first visit was not really a good one! I am much happier now and am looking forward to meeting our new little one in Oct. On my first visit i went in and they told me that as far as along as i should be they should have been able to hear a heart beat and well they couldnt. So they went in and did a sono and they found the baby is only measuring at 5 weeks. So she was concerned. So she made me aware of the possibilities of something not going right. The nurse practioner said where i should be i should be showing 11 weeks. Well according to my last period which was in dec thats what she went off of. Well i made her aware that in jan i spotted alittle but never had a period. Well i was told to come back in a week and see if there was more growth and if there was then i was only 5 weeks pregnant and the dates were way off. Well i made Camden aware of it and he said there is nothing to worry about cause they made wrong dates when i was pregnant with Brooklyn. I worried about it alot and i was upset. I went back a week later and Camden went with me cause i told him i couldnt bear bad news again! We had another sono done and there was more growth which was a relief! We actually saw a heart beat on the sono screen but you could not hear one. So the nurse practioner said she was happy to see there was more growth and that meant i was only 6 weeks pregnant! I was told to come back in 6 weeks!
Well today was my 12 week check up and everything went really good. The nurse came in and took my blood pressure and checked for the baby's heart beat. Well it took her awhile to find one but sure enough there it was thumping away like crazy! The heart beat was 142. My tests all came back good and everything turned out really good. Dr. Cargill came in and she said everything looks really good and she was glad to hear a heart beat. She said all my tests came back good and everything looks to be where i should be. Well the only thing she was worried about was that i lost a total of 7 pounds since my first visit and was concerned i was not eatin. Let me tell ya i am not going to starve myself. When i am hungry i am going to eat! I made her aware i lost weight with Brooklyn when i was pregnant with her so that made her feel alot better. I go back in one month for my 16 week check up.
My morning sickness has went a way thank god! Every now and then i will feel really nausea but i would rather feel that then throwing up all the time. We had a good Easter. Camden and Brooklyn spent easter with my family and they went to my grandma's for a suprise birthday party for her. She got a lot of candy from my mother! She spoils her grandkids! Me on the other hand i had to work all day and it stunk! I was bored out of my mind! Well this is enough for today i will try my bests to keep everyone updated!