Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*Brooklyn's First Day Of Preschool*

The day started out early when Brooklyn woke up at 730am having a accident in our bed, which i think is cause she had so much to drink before going to bed even after she went potty before bedtime. It was 11am and i made her eat lunch and then we got ready to go to school. She was so happy and so excited to go to school. Daddy couldnt drop off Brooklyn with me because he was the only one at work and couldnt leave. :( Brooklyn and i arrived at school and she went off and started playing in the play-do with Gracie. When all of us moms went to leave Cadan didnt want his mom to leave and started crying. Poor guy! There was only 3 kids plus Brooklyn today because one little girl was sick and 3 cant start till sept and 1 in jan. They colored a apple pic and then used scissors and made a apple pic with red paper and glue. Very cute job she did! They traced their names and Brooklyn told Mrs. Padgett she spelled her name wrong because of the way she made the k and to Brooklyn it looked like a r. lol They all went threw their colors and the only one the 4 of them had problems with was grey. They learnt a new song "Peanut butter and jelly". Brooklyn had fun playing with all the kids. Today we had Brookyln, Gracie, Ashlee and Cadan in her class. Poor guy was the only one in there! At 230 i went and picked her up and they sang us parents the peanut butter and jelly song and then it was time to leave, well Brooklyn didnt want too! We then finally got in the car and left to go to daddy's work so she could show him her pictures and tell him about her day. After that we made a stop at gamma and pappi's house. Brookyln got to see Emmalee and Victoria Faith! She was so happy to see Emmalee! They gave each other big hugs as soon as that door came open! They played for a while and then Brooklyn started playing with Tori and that kind of upset Emmalee. After a few minutes Brooklyn was playing with everyone! After a long day of being up we headed home and Brooklyn fell asleep in the car for 5 mins and we got home and she woke right up so we could watch the new Hannah Montana movie! So far so good on the movie!

Mommy enjoyed being away from Brooklyn and not having to work today. Went and got my hair cut which was needed so bad and then i took Camden some lunch and came home and relaxed, soon i wont be able to cause Abby will be here soon enough! So we are going to enjoy as much of it as i can!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation time / 28 wk check up

Where to begin? This year we went on our vacation and headed off to the reunion. Camden left and went down thursday to truman lake and spent some time at our lake lot at bent tree harbor. He didnt have too much luck with fishing because the water was low. He had a nice time being by himself which i was happy cause he needed it. Friday Brooklyn and i were off to the reunion and followed my dad down there since he wasnt going the way he normally does. Camden beat us down there and got the room ready and turned the air on! :) On the way down we stopped at a amish store and we got some stuff there. We finally arrived at the resort little after noon and got our bags all settled in the room. We went swimming that afternoon for a while and then Camden took Gaige and Brooklyn fishing down by the boat docks and ramps but no luck of catching fish! They got some nibbles but nothing else. That evening we had our group gathering and we ate homemade ice cream and let me tell ya even though there was not much there since not alot showed up this year it was still very yummy! Saturday we went and got 800 lbs of rock my parents bought for what heck if i know! CRAZY! It rained the first part of the morning there but other than that it quit towards the afternoon. We went swimming for a while on sat and then mostly stayed around the resort ate lunch, played games! That evening they had dinner catered in and it was ok, after dinner we had our auction and we still brought in over 1000 for only have 60 people there this year. Saturday night little miss Abby was being a pain in the you know what and i was so uncomfortable. She was everywhere and even laying down was not helping! Finally at 1am i was able to lay down and get some sleep until my dad came in and fell asleep! Then the horrible snoring began! Sunday we all slept in and went and ate breakfast. We had our business meeting and elected new officers and thank god once again Camden didnt get elected! I dont know how he would have been able to help plan anything with his work schedule but he thinks he could have done it! He got drug into it anyway thanks to dad and they are supposed to be planning a float trip and looking for a new place to go next year! After that we were off to head home! :) Couldnt wait till i got home! Besides the beds were not comfortable and dad snoring and Brooklyn kept running down to the pool with out a life jacket on and noone around her it was a good time! Cant wait to see what next year brings to us! Monday we went to the kc zoo with Macynna and Jared and the girls had so much fun! By the 4th hour they were tired and cranky so we left. I will soon get pics of the zoo on facebook cause i took over 200 pics~ Tuesday we had to go back to work and let me tell ya i was not looking forward to it!

Tuesday i had my 28 wk check up with the dr. I had to be there @8am and they did the retake of the 3 d sono, which i am glad they did! Abby was still not cooperating like we wanted her too but she was better than the last one i had done so we got some cute poses of her! She took measurements of her and she was measuring to be almost 3 weeks a head of schedule! She weighed 3 lbs and 2 oz and her heart beat jumped all the way to 158. So our little girl is growing like a weed! After the sono i waited to see Dr Olhausen ( the one that delivered Brooklyn) and he said most likely it looks like i will go early by the way she is growing! Other than that him measuring my stomach by his hands i am measuring just right! He put in my file the growth of her from the sono and checked all the other measurements from all the other ones i have had done. He checked the dates to see when i would be due with her growth and so now we are looking at anytime pretty much in Oct the way she is growing! My next visit will be my last monthly visit and then its every 2 weeks! :) that means its getting close! I get to go see Dr Olhausen again on my next visit!

I was off to take Brooklyn to Bobbi's for the day and i get a phone call and i let it just ring since it was unknown and i never answer them, well come to find out it was work and they were throwing me and another girl a baby shower and it was at 11. Well noone bothered to tell me about it and i had been on vacation and so i assumed i needed to be to work at 1130 when i was scheduled to be there . So i called them back and they are like where are you? I am like who was the one that was supposed to call me and tell me about the shower? They preceeded to tell me that they posted it on the board on a friday (when i was not there). I asked do u all look at people's schedules cause i have been on vacation for the past week and a half! So needless to say i have no so bright people i work with! I was there for my shower for 15 mins and then i had to go to work. I got alot of newborn stuff so lets hope she fits into it all! I am good on onesies up to 3 months now! Got alot of cute clothes and sleepers and they made me a diaper cake made out of huggies diapers! I told them i wanted to use pampers along time ago because Brookyln had issues with alot of diapers so instead of going threw all that again i was just sticking to pampers! Well i guess i am going to have to try and see if she breaks out from them so they dont go to waste and if she does i can give them to people i know thats prego again! Overall it was ok and the shower was very nice and thoughtful and i appreciate they thought about us both!

Now cant wait till the baby q on the 22nd! So far we have had a few rsvp back but hopefully we have more so we know how much food to cook and get! Cant wait to spend time with family and friends! :) <3

Miss Abigail