Thursday, April 30, 2009

another day

well i have been using the heating pad where its been hurting and it has been really helping. I have not been having near as much pain as i was and it quits hurting when i put it on there. YEA! Hopefully it will fully quit! When i am at work and i am going ninety to nothing trying to get things done thats when it really starts bothering me but luckly i have tyenol and ibuprofen in my purse so i stop what i am doing and go take one. This child is a trouble maker and its not even here!
Well this weekend is the mushroom festival and i am hoping for NO rain! I wanna go up there again this year so Brookyln can watch the parade and we can walk around. She is excited to go and see a parade i just hope it doesnt rain! We plan on having that mo chip identification thing done again this year because i was looking at hers from last year and she has changed so i think its best we just do it again. Then that afternoon into the evening Brooklyn has been invited to Cobi and Dylan's birthday parties. So she is excited to go to that as well. She is always excited to play with kids. So overall we are going to have a busy Saturday and hopefully Sunday we can relax. I am glad i am off the weekend.
Work is same old crap, people are lazy and dont wanna do their own jobs so they make someone else do it! Camden's work is pretty much the same. Brooklyn is still to the point she dont like to listen and you have to repeat yourself time and time again. She has been sleeping in her own bed! :) We bought some different night lights and they pretty much light up her room and i think thats what it was. She didnt have that much light in her room and was afraid of the dark. She also is getting to that point she doesnt want to take a nap everyday :( I always look forward to the peace and quiet and sometimes lay down myself and take a cat nap. She is still excited about going to preschool in Aug.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aches and pains

Well the past 2 days i have been having some cramping like crazy! And i figured it would go away and nope i was wrong! I called the dr office today and they made me aware that i have ONCE again a cyst on my left ovaries and that is most likely whats causing the pain since thats where it hurts! I had a cyst on my ovaries when i was pregnant with Brooklyn and never had any problems but this one is different!And when they did my last sono they found one on my vaginal canal and said thats nothing to worry about but never said i still had one or had one on my left ovaries! I was told there was nothing really they could do and she told me to take tylenol and ibuprofen and to put a heating pad on it for 20 min and then take it off for 30 and repeat for a while to see if that helps ease the pain! Well she then said hopefully it wont rupture! I am like what? I hope not cause first off i dont know what it would do and then second of all what's going to happen to the kid? If it continues to bother me i am supposed to call back and then they will see about getting me actually in for a appointment. I dont go back till may 18th to see the dr. I talked to the other nurse practioneer today and she is the one that told me all of that so i am hoping what she said works! I hate pain and its not bad like labor pains but the thought of having a constant pain there is not what i want! So i guess i am going to be in pain till it goes away! NOT FUN!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well i havent wrote anything in awhile but here's whats been going on! Here lately Brooklyn has been sleeping in her own bed! :) She has been acting like she is too big to take a nap anymore! :(
I love it when she takes naps cause that usually means mom gets her own peace and quiet! Well she has been rather mouthy the past few days too which i know is her age! Camden has been going hunting still and nothing! He has seen all kinds but nothing big enough or he cant get them to come in close to him. He skipped out on hunting this morning so he could catch up on sleep! LOL He wakes up at 4 or 5 every morning depending on where he is going hunting at and then after hunting he goes straight to work at 10am. He is one tired boy! Work for me has been really slow there has not been a lot of business at the hospital! Thank god for days off! Pregnancy wise i have been feeling pretty good, tired alot, and then every once in a while i have cramping in my hips and sometimes my stomach. It dont last long but it really reminds me of why i hated being pregnant with Brooklyn. I didnt mind being pregnant with her it was just being uncomfortable all the time with all the cramping! Its not fun! Well i got 6 more months of putting up with it! Today i got to see my father in law for the first time in god knows when. My brother in law got in a wreck and broke his leg in many places and had to have surgery today. What fun seeing people u have not seen in forever! Well other than that we have all been healthy here except for some allergies. Brooklyn and i have been congested some from the weather and air. Other than all well here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

whats going on around our house

Well i dont know what the deal with Brooklyn is because the past 2 nights she has slept in her own bed. Why cant it be every night and not every so often? The past 3 days she has been really congested so we have been giving her medicine to help her breathe so that may have something to do with it as well. Who knows! Yesterday the stink head didnt wanna take a nap, i made her lay down for a couple hours and nope no nap! The past 2 days she has not woke up till 9:00am. Which yea its a relief for mom and dad so they can sleep in but when she sleeps in late like that its tooth and nail trying to get her to take a nap in the afternoon. Camden has continued his journey every morning to get up and go turkey hunting and still nothing ! He got up at 2am this morning so he could meet a guy in Richmond by 3am and they were off to clinton , mo to go turkey hunting today! YES i know he is NUT but i love him. Tomorrow we will be married 4 years! Time flies and before you know it, its been forever! We would have been together 8 years in oct this year! I love him dearly and i am glad i married the love of my life. We have a beautiful family together and thats the most important thing to me. I am happy that i have been able to become apart of Camden's family and he has with mine. Many more happy years to come! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

another day

well today was opening turkey season and Camden went. Didnt have much luck, he saw some turkeys but i guess too small, he also saw some deer. Brooklyn went to Gamma's today. She started having a runny nose in the middle of the night last night and it still continues today. Hopefully its nothing big. She once again did not sleep in her own bed! I went and bought her 2 more night lights for her room and we got pink princess night lights, so i thought those would help but i guess not. She has been onery as ever of not listening to mommy and daddy. Came home tonight and her daddy screaming at her for not listening all the way outside! Hopefully she was good for Aunt Peggy. Crossing my fingers! Long day at work and came home and watched the new episode of one tree hill and missed where peyton got into the wreck! I got to see the major part only missed like 10 mins of the beginnning! Well hopefully Camden has better luck tomorrow morning before work!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Brooklyn officially slept in her own bed after it being a hassle for about a week now! She slept till 6:30 and then came to our room and said its time to get up and i told her no its not! So she hopped in bed and laid beside me and fell back asleep till about 8. I am happy she is staying in her own bed till 6ish, atleast i am getting some sleep. She has 2 nightlights on in her room everynight so i dont know why she wasnt sleeping in there. She wants her big princess bed now, so i told her she was going to have to prove to mommy and daddy she can stay in the bed she has, so i dont know if thats whats getting her motivated to sleep in her bed again or what? Dont really know! We are going to have to buy her a new tv for her room because the one in there has went to poo! I dont know how much longer i can stand watching her movies with her. I dont mind some of them but not all of them! They drive me crazy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

What a day~

Well where do i start~ Today i got up and went to sit on the couch and my stomach was bothering me like crazy! I went and grabbed something to eat after Camden was headed to go drop Brooklyn off at Aunt Peggy's. I sat on the couch and finally decided to get ready for work and my stomach still felt really sour. Well i left for work and and right as soon as i get to 210 i ended up getting sick in the car! :( It went everywhere! So i had to head back home and get cleaned up and of course the car but the car still smelled like vomit! What a day to start out! I was late for work and it pretty much stayed the same, crappy! My stomach has bothered me all day and i have had a headache on top of it.
Well good news on another note Camden's soccer team won their game last night! WOOHOO! He was excited about that. He is still counting the days till turkey season opens! He cracks me up! Other than that it has been a constant battle this past week to get Brooklyn to sleep in her own bed at night. She lays in her bed and crys till someone (DADDY) gives in to her and lets her come to bed with us. So needless to say i dont get much sleep and being pregnant i am always tired. Everynight she has been in bed with us i wake up and she has her feet in my back and one morning it was her feet in my stomach. I dont mind it every once in a blue moon but not every dang night. ITS GETTING OLD! I told her that she cant have a bigger bed till she starts sleeping in her own bed and she told me she dont want a bigger bed! She does really good during the day sleeping in her bed when she takes her naps. I dont know why all of a sudden she dont want to at night! I think someone spoils her toooooooooooooooo much! CAMDEN! Well we will see how things go tonight hopefully i will get some sleep tonight and not have a kid in my back, its bad enough when i go to roll over Camden is there, i dont need more!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, i figured this is one way to keep everyone updated on how our family is and how the new pregnancy is coming along. Well everything has been going really good at our house staying busy and working alot. Camden has been helping his boss coach a soccer team in lexington and they have won all their games except for one. Which to me is really good! He cant wait for turkey season. He is counting the days down till it gets here. I have been working and when i am not working i am usually on the go. I do like it when i have time to sit around and relax! Brooklyn is getting ready to start preschool in August of this year and she is really excited about going and can't wait. When she is not at home with mom or dad she is off to Gamma's house (Aunt Peggy's) while we are working. She loves going over there to play with all the kids. She loves definately playing with Emmalee and Tori. She is growing up so fast. She will soon be 4 and i cant believe its been that long ago since i had her.
Well most of you know i am expecting number 2. My first visit was not really a good one! I am much happier now and am looking forward to meeting our new little one in Oct. On my first visit i went in and they told me that as far as along as i should be they should have been able to hear a heart beat and well they couldnt. So they went in and did a sono and they found the baby is only measuring at 5 weeks. So she was concerned. So she made me aware of the possibilities of something not going right. The nurse practioner said where i should be i should be showing 11 weeks. Well according to my last period which was in dec thats what she went off of. Well i made her aware that in jan i spotted alittle but never had a period. Well i was told to come back in a week and see if there was more growth and if there was then i was only 5 weeks pregnant and the dates were way off. Well i made Camden aware of it and he said there is nothing to worry about cause they made wrong dates when i was pregnant with Brooklyn. I worried about it alot and i was upset. I went back a week later and Camden went with me cause i told him i couldnt bear bad news again! We had another sono done and there was more growth which was a relief! We actually saw a heart beat on the sono screen but you could not hear one. So the nurse practioner said she was happy to see there was more growth and that meant i was only 6 weeks pregnant! I was told to come back in 6 weeks!
Well today was my 12 week check up and everything went really good. The nurse came in and took my blood pressure and checked for the baby's heart beat. Well it took her awhile to find one but sure enough there it was thumping away like crazy! The heart beat was 142. My tests all came back good and everything turned out really good. Dr. Cargill came in and she said everything looks really good and she was glad to hear a heart beat. She said all my tests came back good and everything looks to be where i should be. Well the only thing she was worried about was that i lost a total of 7 pounds since my first visit and was concerned i was not eatin. Let me tell ya i am not going to starve myself. When i am hungry i am going to eat! I made her aware i lost weight with Brooklyn when i was pregnant with her so that made her feel alot better. I go back in one month for my 16 week check up.
My morning sickness has went a way thank god! Every now and then i will feel really nausea but i would rather feel that then throwing up all the time. We had a good Easter. Camden and Brooklyn spent easter with my family and they went to my grandma's for a suprise birthday party for her. She got a lot of candy from my mother! She spoils her grandkids! Me on the other hand i had to work all day and it stunk! I was bored out of my mind! Well this is enough for today i will try my bests to keep everyone updated!