Monday, June 22, 2009

~It's been a while~

It's been a while since i have been on here! What's been going on, well we went to my 20 week check up on june 9th and everything is good, baby is growing like crazy. They tried 2 times to get a pic to make it 100% official that its a girl and this child is very active and stubborn. It kept its legs closed the whole time and would not open up for nothing. I got back for my glucose test on the 7th of July which i am not looking forward too cause it makes me very sick and after my appointment i have to go straight to work! :( We then go back to have a 3 d sono done and hopefully will get a pic to show 100 % its a girl. We have thought about names and we let Brooklyn the big sister decide and if it is a girl 100% she wants her sisters name to be Abigail Rae ( Abby for short) and if comes to be a boy we are still on Colton Dean or Hunter Eugene. Brooklyn is very excited about being big sister and cant wait! Well father's day Camden and I both had to work which my day went ok and it was really boring but Cam's didnt go so well. He has been needing a new phone cause his phone went to poo and so he has been using mine and you cant hear him very well on it. Well he got a hold of our phone company and needless to say they made him mad cause they want more money out of us after he were to get a new phone for some plan you have to have or the new phone wont work. CROCK OF POO! We went by my parents house last night as well and spent some time with my parents and then we were headed home and Cam's little red car breaks down and he cant get it to start. He has checked all the major big parts and it still wont start, so him and his buddy Steven are going to work on it again tonight. Mom had her surgery on the 17th and it went really well and she is getting up and around really good and will be off for 6 weeks. Other than that nothing else has really been going on besides its been really hot out and humid but i dont have to complain because i have not been miserable yet with the heat, its just been my sinuses. We missed Anna's bday this year due to having to work but on a brighter note she turned 2! She is growing up quick!