Friday, May 22, 2009

Brooklyn's big girl bed~:)

We officially put up her big girl bed last night! I was hoping she would sleep in it all night and not come try and climb in bed with us and to my suprise she did! She woke up at 5 am this morning and tried i repeat TRIED but no success! I put her back in her bed and soon enough she fell right back to sleep :) It made me so happy cause i actually got some good night sleep rather than her feet or whole body in my back! I woke up feeling good and i felt really good today while i was at work! Hopefully she will continue to sleep that good in the bed!
Camden came home and was putting her bed up and she got in the way so i went and put on chipmunks to keep her occupied and she watched it for a while. Well when we finished putting it together i told her to come here, and sure enough she ran to her room and climbed on the bed and started jumping! Well i explained we dont jump on beds cause we can get hurt from it so she just bounced around because its a extra long twin bed and sure enough she bounced her way to the head board and hit her head! LOL She didnt hit hard and didnt cry so thats a plus! She loves it! The bed takes up a lot of space and i proceeded to tell Cam we are going to have to do something different if we are going to put a baby bed in here as well!
Well i had the idea of making the big spare room a play room because Brooklyn has so many toys and no where to really put them all, so sure enough daddy gave in and we are going to transform the spare bedroom into a play room! YEA! I might even get her castle to come inside so we are not having to move it everytime we mow the yard. We will have to see about that cause it may take up too much room! Hopefully not cause she loves playing it in! She gets mad when the neighbors dogs come anywhere near it or her playhouse! She is excited to have her toys in the other room and have more space but will daddy? He has to give up his room for hunting stuff! LOL He says oh well its part of having kids but u can tell he didnt wanna give it up LOL

Monday, May 18, 2009

16 week check up

well where to start? I went to the dr today and everything is going good. I lost another pound and Dr. Kramer said she is not worried about it as long as i am feeling good, which besides the pain i was having for that cyst and my sinus draining every morning i have felt great. Baby's heart beat was 145 and the girl finding the heart beat found it right off the bat, which was exciting cause every single one before this has taken a good five mins if not longer to find it! Dr. Kramer said she wants to see me back in 3 1/2 weeks so i will be right at 20 wks. Well my next appt i will be 19 1/2 wks but thats ok, i am anxiously awaiting to see what we are having and i know everyone else is, everyone at work is i do know that! JUNE 9th is the sono and i go see a new dr Dr. Harz

Well we didnt do much over the weekend, sat i cleaned house after i went and changed the oil in the explorer. I took Brooklyn to see the water from all the rain on friday night, orrick wasnt bad like it was the night before but o hwy was covered so she was happy she got to see it. Sunday we went to church and spent time with my parents and ate dinner over there. Brooklyn got her big girl bed from papa so now all we have to do is buy a mattress. My parents had a bunk bed I used to sleep on when i lived there and he gave it to Brooklyn cause we are getting ready to soon transfer her out of her toddler bed to a big girl bed :( She will love it cause its longer than a twin bed is normally but its a twin. She also made us aware that night at dinner that she does not like fried mushrooms! :) yea for mommy cause i hate them too! Poor daddy cause daddy likes them! While we were in ex we made a trip to dari b and its been forever since i have been there and oh that ice cream was so good! YUMMY! Brooklyn got a cotton candy ice cream and she loved it as well!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~What a mother's day~

Where to begin! First off i had to work! BOOO! Which today was so boring at work and was pointless for all those people to be there cause we were not busy! I didnt want to go to work today, i wanted to stay home and spend time with Brooklyn. Well i ended up going to work and had a boring day and then when i got off thats when it went to crap! I got into it with Rishae, Brooklyn's godmother! Long story short it didnt go to well at first and now its to where she wants to sit down and talk and straighten things out. I went to my parents and spent some time with my mommy and my grandma was there so i got to see her for a bit. Well Brooklyn was getting cranky so we ended up leaving at 9ish. Brooklyn gave me lellow(yellow) flower, is what she calls it! She cracks me up when she says yellow! Other than that nothing new has been going on here at the house. The other day we walked up to the mail box to grab the mail and our neighbors dogs came running over to us and she got scared. I told her they were not going to jump on her and they wouldnt lick her and they just wanted to walk. She proceeded to tell me that she only likes the lellow dog and not the black one! LOL She cracks me up! So our neighbors yellow dog is officially named lellow and she says she likes him! WOW cant believe she actually said she liked a dog. It tried coming near her and she gotten frightened.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy weekend

We had a busy weekend! Brooklyn and i left the house about 9:45am on Sat to head to town and go get her Mo chip done updated. Well that pretty much went into a disaster! We went in and i forgot her yellow enevelope from last year so we had to go threw the whole thing all over again! Well Brooklyn would not sit still and she wanted to get up and move around well the room was full of people. It was our turn to do her fingerprints and she would not stand on a stool to do them and she would not stick her fingers on the screen for them to get them! :( Mom was getting a little aggravated at her because she was not doing it! Well the guy that was there got her to sit on his lap while she was crying her eyes out and showed her what it does when she sticks her fingers on the screen and well she still didnt want to do it. We finally got it down and then off to the cotton swab in mouth, and another failure! She wouldnt open her mouth! I told her she could have sticker if she would open up and she opened alittle so we got it! Well then off to the final station and she was wearing me out on my hip so i let her down and told her to stay right by me and nope she didnt, off she went! Well i got a hold of her and off we went to meet Jessica to go up town.

We got uptown and walked around alittle and Jeremy called to see where we were and him and Anna met us up there so they could walk around and watch the parade with us. All in all Anna and Brooklyn had a good time with one another. It was time for the parade and we seen my mother and so we decided to stay and watch with her and my sister Bobbi and her family met us up there and watched it with us as well. The parade was long but overall it was alright. There was alot of things Brooklyn didnt like cause it scared her! GO FIGURE! Jeremy bought the girls snow cones and they both loved theirs! Anna pretty much chugged hers down when it got to liquid. It was cute! After the parade we walked around alittle bit and then we had to head back to the car so we could go to Cobi and Dylan's parties.

Brooklyn fell asleep on the way there and woke up after we arrived to their house. Brooklyn had so much fun playing with all the kids and jumping on the trampoline. When it was time to go she didnt want to leave. I figured she would fall asleep on the way home and had no luck with that she was awake the whole time. We got home that evening and Camden was working on the lawnmower because we had to replace the steering piece in it so we could actually turn the lawn mower with out killing ourselfs. Well it was getting late and all of a sudden Camden runs in the house holding his eye and runs to the bathroom, i am like oh great now what happen? Well he had sprayed some type of chemical almost like wd40 and when he sprayed it he went to go try and loosen some bolts and i guess it dripped in his eye. I wanted to take him to the er but no someones stubborn behind didnt want to and said it was better after he flushed it out with water forever. I told him if it starts bothering his vision we are going! Well he called the poison control to see what they would tell him to do and they told him to flush it alittle more and then rest for the night and keep a cold wash rag on it and they would call back in a hour. They did call back and he said its ok.

Well we all went to sleep that night and the next morning sure enough he was back out there working on the lawnmower! He did get it fixed and its now good to go! He has been mowing the past 2 days to get rid of this jungle of a yard we have! Thank goodness! I hate when our yard gets too tall cause it looks like poop down here when its like that. Well our neighbor is not doing any better, his yard is starting to look like a junk yard and he has not mowed it at all! Sunday we really didnt do much but stay home and play. Brooklyn played outside alittle and Camden mowed it till it got dark. Brooklyn got alittle sun on her poor cheeks from sat but its not that bad its pretty much going to tan now!