Sunday, May 23, 2010


Seems here lately we are always so busy! Busy working or doing something else- well this month is going by so quick- we had Abby going to the dr left and right before her appt @ childrens mercy- then Abby's trip to childrens mercy- Brooklyn's last day of school- Alaina Mae Leslie arrives :) - preschool field trip to the zoo- and the list goes on!

last night we were sitting here relaxing and Abby was laying on the floor playing rolling around- and she had a pink bear- it was so cute watching here cause she was trying to attempt to get it and using all her might- she used her legs to push off but would not use her arms to help her move instead she was using her stomach- she would wobble side to side on her tummy and use her legs to push off- wonder if she will ever attempt to crawl since she knows she can get somewhere with her belly???????

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brooklyn's last day of preschool!

Yesterday was Brooklyn's last day and we were able to go due to Abby's appt not taking very long. They didnt go to the park since it had rained and muddy. They sang songs for us and recieved a certificate and a medal. Brooklyn played with all her friends and had a good day. I dont think it has set in on her that she doesnt go back for awhile! She will go back next year and go mon- weds- fri in the mornings. We have learned as well she has split her class up and not all of her friends will be in her class next year. Thats ok she will make new friends and meet up with all her other friends in kindergarten. Overall she has had a great year and she has learned so much. She has learned many new songs,shapes,colors and count to 30 and she learnt how to write her name! She loved having Mrs. Padgett has a teacher and is looking forward to her next year as well!

*Abby's trip to Childrens Mercy*

Yesterday was Abby's apt at childrens mercy. We dropped Brooklyn off at Aunt Peggy's house at 8:30 and made our way there. We got there about 9:45 and made our way in. Got checked in to the radiology dept and about 10 mins later we were back in the room. They wanted to try without sedation first and it was a success! :) Baby girl was a big trooper and held still long enough to do the scan and not have to be sedated! They took her and wrapped her up in a blanket and then strapped her down and even her head and thats when she fussed and then once it began a lady sat there and kept her company and played,sang to her and Abby just watched! They brought out sugar water to dip her binkie in but as we know she wont care for it. She wouldnt even drink apple juice so why would she take sugar water! They finished with the scan and now we had to wait on Tompkins office to call us with the results.
That afternoon i recieved a call on my cell phone from them and i called them back and they told me it came back normal! :) Abby is just blessed with a big head!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Abby ate green beans tonight! YEA!!! So far now she has ate everything we have gave her! I only hope now she likes meats when we try those!

~ Abby's tooth~

Was feeling around in her mouth today and on the bottom she has one that broke threw finally! :) Hopefully it wont take long for it to fully come up! WATCH OUT! She has a weapon in her mouth now and yes it is sharp cause Brooklyn wanted to feel it and i told her it was sharp and she didnt believe me till she felt it!

MoRe BaBy FoOd :)

We have tried more foods with Abby and she LOVES carrots! She also likes squash! One thing she does not like is green beans- i have tried multiple times to get her to eat green beans and i am going to try 1 more time and if the same outcome then i am ruling out she does not like green beans! She still has sweet peas to try! So wish us luck that we can get her to eat those!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby food

Abby has been on baby food since the 2nd of may. She has tried bananas,sweet potatoes,peaches and apple sauce. So far looks to be like she is liking them all and when she is done eating she will let ya know when she is done by clamping her mouth shut! She just now recently got to where after a few bites she would start opening her mouth and wanting more! :) We will soon be on to more fruits and veggies!

* FaMiLy*

Last night took a big toll on me and i stayed up most of the night crying with a lot on my mind. Camden and i did some talking but i know he is upset to see whats going on and to see me so upset. So i told him from now on when it comes to his dad and siblings i could care less and if they wanna come see the girls they can come down here ( which is doubtful) i am NOT taking my kids over to their house! I am done trying to make things right and trying to get my girls to actually have a decent relationship with their grandparents and aunt and uncles on that side. Its not getting any where and all it does is cause more problems and heartache on people. I am sorry i want to defend my kids but i am their mother! I just dont understand why a family can be so torn up and not get along but i guess i never will!
Camden has alot on his plate and i told him i know i didnt make it any better when i was defending my kids! But from now on he is making his own choices on what he wants to do when it comes to them cause i am out!


I can safely say i am stressed to the max! From now on if your not in my children's lives nor Camden and mine then you can seriously go F-off! I am very greatful for who is in my little family lives and we love each and everyone of you! I am done tryin to help make things right cause all it does is start more problems for everyone else and Camden and i fight! I AM DONE!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

*April 29,2010*

This was a busy day for us. Abby and Brooklyn both had things going on. Brooklyn had her class field trip to the library and then Abby had her 6 month check up and then just getting stuff done around the house since it was our day off. Now onto Brooklyn-

Brooklyn had her class field trip to the library and she was so happy daddy got to go with her. She said they read books and made pinwheels,got tattoos. Overall she had a great time and especially spending it with daddy.

Abby had her 6 month check up and she is 17lbs 4 oz and 25 1/4 inches long. Dr said she looks really good and growing great but is still worried her head is too big. He pondered for quite some time to make sure it was really needed to do the ct scan on her head. He wants to make 100% sure there is nothing wrong with her but he honestly thinks there is nothing wrong but he just wants to make sure. So we get to go to children's mercy on May 20 @ 10am. Her appt is not till 11 but she has to be there a hour before due to having to be sedated! :( I am so not looking forward to that. Keep her in your thoughts! She gets to start baby food now and she has tried bananas and seems to like them! :)

Overall both girls are great and growing like weeds! Couldnt ask for anything better than my 2 beautiful girls!