Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~been busy~

It has been forever since i put anything on here! Well most of my dr appt have been going pretty good. My last one was with the nurse practioner again and i really dont care for her! I asked her if it was normal to be light headed all the time and she said it was! Its just really weird that i am getting light headed all of a sudden with this one but never did when i was pregnant with Brooklyn. Who knows i am going to let Dr. Cargill know i am still like that and see what she says on thurs. They were supposed to start checking to see if i am dilating at all and they didnt last time so i am hoping she will on thurs. I would say Abby is ready to go cause she loves to push like she is coming out any minute and let me tell you its not comfortable! I have been having braxton hicks contractions like crazy too this past week and they are not comfortable when i have them at work! Camden changed his days off so now he is off weds and thurs! i am kinda liking it cause we both have been off and have spent sometime together when he has not been out fishing! :( Brooklyn has been going to preschool and she loves it! She has been learning to trace her name and learning the alphabet. She is doing really good tracing her name cant wait till she can do it herself! Thursday would be her first field trip to the pumpkin patch but its supposed to rain all day! So Camden and i are taking her on weds (tomorrow) so she can enjoy it and not get sick from getting wet. Which 2 others from her class will be there tomorrow so she will know some of the kids. Other than that Brooklyn just had her party on the 20th and she had a princess party and had so much fun! She loves all of her gifts and loved playing with all the kids. She then officially turned 4 on the 26th! We were going to take her out to eat but i wasnt feeling all that great that day and i was really tired so we stayed home that night. We will another day. My uncle got married on the 27th but we were not able to go due to both camden and i working which from what i have been told didnt miss much! oh Brooklyn told us she wants to be a peguin for halloween! There is no ands ifs or buts about this one tried to change her mind on it to something else and she wants to be a peguin! how funny is that!!! my child has a mind of her own i guess!