Monday, July 13, 2009

*Miss Abigail Rae Summers*

* Miss Abigail Rae *
It's official! We had our 3 d sono done today and we found out its a girl!!!!!! We had chosen some names and when they first suspected it being a girl we told Brooklyn and she said she wanted to name her sister Abby Rae, so it stuck! We still have one stubborn child on our hands! This time she would not move so they could get some full shots of her face all you could see was her side! She was busy snuggling up to my uterus and would not budge!!! We got to see some cute poses but not good enough to capture on a pic. She opened her mouth one time and then she moved her hands! TOO CUTE! She hopefully will get out of being so stubborn when she actually arrives in the world! They checked her heartbeat and it was strong and steady at 145, and they said she is almost 2 pounds! She is actually a head of schedule on her weight. So either the little missy is probably going to come earlier than Oct 30 or she is going to be bigger than 7 lbs like her sister was! I liked the name Abigail and we decided on Rae so it was a name that stuck in the family. My middle name is Rae and so was Camden's mother's so she is taking after me and her grandma. Once again Camden is out numbered in the house and its official no more kids after this! Wonder who she is going to take after!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

-The storm-

Evidently we had a bad storm come threw friday morning and down here it looked like a tornado hit! We all slept right threw it too! I got up and got Brookyn and me ready to go to Laura's house to play with Macynna and walked outside to leave and thats when all you see is tree limbs down everywhere and a big tree down in our yard! BOOO! I left and the whole way out of Camden there is tree limbs in roads and its not looking pretty. I called Camden and asked him if he saw the big tree down in our back yard and he is said no! I am wondering to myself how on earth do you not see a big tree as big as it was down in our back yard especially when its on top of his tree stand! Well anyways he said that the rain was so bad it blew in the front door at his work but nothing got ruined which was a plus for him and louis. It was not just us that got hit it was everywhere! Long story short i went to work and then went and got Camden and when we got home he saw the backyard and he was mad! The tree bent his tree stand and now he cant fix it and so he went and started cutting it up that night but its still sitting in our back yard with it being so big its going to take a little while to get rid of it with the hours he works. Well i got some pics of it but it was dark and foggy that night so they didnt really come out very good, but if you have been down here there are 2 big trees in our backyard and they are almost directly in front of the porch on the back of the house well the one on the left side of the house half of it came tumbling down and landed away from the house, thank goodness it didnt come towards the house! The other storm we had last year that was pretty windy took part of the other tree in the backyard so it has a hunk missing out of it too. So now they match LOL! Camden is more upset with his tree stand being ruint over the tree coming down. I think Brooklyn was more upset because her swimming pool got tree branches in it and all around it and luckily it didnt pop it or we would have one 3 yr old not a happy camper. She was already not happy when she walked out and seen the branches because she cant swim till it gets cleaned out now!

*Brooklyn & Macynna*

brooklyn and macynna

This past week Brooklyn has been having so much fun playing with Macynna. Macynna comes home to her dad every so often from California. This past week Brooklyn has been going over to Macynna's gma's to play with her and then she had her very first sleepover with Macynna friday night. She did very good and got out of bed one time before bedtime to go potty. Once they went to sleep they stayed a sleep thank goodness! I think it was also due to no nap that day! They played in the water and played with sidewalk chalk after they got wet and it was like paint after that! They have been playing in the swimming pool over at Laura's house and been having a fun time together. They had so much fun! Sat morning i went to pick her up and Jared, Stephanie and me and the girls went to lawson to watch their parade and Brooklyn showed somewhat interest in it but not a lot. Mostly shriners in the parade and thats about it. Well that afternoon we got back and the girls took their naps and we met back up to go back to lawson for the carnival! They had so much fun with at the carnival. They rode all the little kids rides and some big rides with Camden and Jared. There is only about a month and a half difference in age and Brooklyn is older. As soon as Camden got off i went and got him and he came back up and rode some rides with the girls! It was so cute watching him get into the dragons and tea cups! LOL Camden and Brooklyn rode the big slide and they both had fun. Overall Sat was a busy day and we were all tired and worn out by that night!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~24 week check up~

I went to the dr office on tues and it went rather well. It was my glucose testing so i had to down a nasty fruit punch drink. Nothing like a pure sugar drink! NASTY! I felt like crap all day from that test and even though i ate something it still made me feel like poop! I have not gained any weight since my last visit so i have a feeling its gonna be like last time with Brooklyn and gain it all my last 2 months! I go back on monday the 13th to have a 3 d sono done and i am hoping (cross the fingers) that this is gonna tell 100% of what the sex of the baby is! So we will see!
Tuesday Brooklyn went to my supervisiors' house and played with Macynna! She had so much fun with her and played all day. She played a total of 6 hours in the pool and she was a little crispy from it but she is once again like Camden and she is tan after 2 days! That evening she slept from 7:45pm to 8:30 the next morning! Yesterday Camden and Steven went down to truman and went fishing! They had no luck catching fish so they came back early and went somewhere else fishing! That evening Camden came home and started mowing and we put up Brooklyn's green pool. We have a lot to teach her because she kept getting in and out and now there is grass floating in it! GO FIGURE! I finished up mowing and ran over a brown snake, dont know what kind it was but i keep seeing them in the same spot in the yard, well anyways other than that not a lot going on at our house! Brookyln is having a blast playing with Macynna and going to her grandma's house and playing in her pool!