Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 2010

October has been a busy month for us. We have been staying busy and when we are not working we are doing something. Camden has been staying busy constantly working with the GOB sell up at lexington. Will be glad when that store officially closes and things go back to normal. Things with the girls are great. Brooklyn went to her field trip with Camden and had so much fun and met up with a buddy from last year. School is going great for her but her whole class has been talk to about being too talkative. Abby celebrated her birthday on the 17th with family and had so much fun. She loves all of her new toys especially the barn gamma gave her and the baby from cousins Tara-Emmalee and Tori. She is growing like a weed and i cant believe she is already a year old. We went to the dr yesterday for her 1yr check up and he said she is great! Our little chunky monkey is 21 lbs 4oz and 28 3/8 in long. Abby's official bday i worked that morning and then i took the girls to Tara and Duane's for their halloween party. The girls and i had a great time and Abby was happy to be around family that evening. I must say gamma did a great job on all the costumes! They all were fabulous! Brooklyn has her halloween party at school this week and is excited to wear her dorthy costume. She cant wait to go trick or treating! Overall both girls are doing great and couldnt be better!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brooklyn- Abby

Brooklyn went back to school in Aug and is doing very good at school. She has a few kids in her class that like to get into trouble. Brooklyn has become a sassy butt and she is learning real quick that it doesnt fly very well with anyone. So we are working on the not being sassy and telling people no! She recently turned 5 in Sept. Hard to believe 5 yrs ago i had her. She wanted her party at the park and it to be hannah montana theme! Overall she had a awesome birthday! Oct has come and she is ready for Halloween. She wanted to be dorthy off of the wizard of oz so the wonderful gamma is making her costume again this year for her. She is one happy little girl! She will be attending her first field trip this year with daddy to the pumpkin patch! So that will be nice for her and daddy to get some time spent together alone. I am disappointed cause i wanted to take Abby since this would be her first time to the patch but that will have to wait due to me having to work.

Abby is growing like a weed. Brooklyn and i looked at pics of her along time ago and she definatley has changed. She has learnt to pull up and start officially crawling instead of the army crawling. I think with the help of Miss Lilleigh she pulled it off by watching her! But Abby has shown Lilleigh a few tricks of her own- like her little head stands! Those 2 are like 2 peas in a pod! They are cousins and best friends! :) Abby has been a little stubborn girl when it comes to drinking out of a sippy. She has not been wanting to do it but we are working on that since in a few weeks she will no longer be on the bottle!She has become one little piggy when it comes to eating. She sees anyone with food she wants it too! She has learnt to say momma on top of daddy but here lately she is all about saying daddy calling everyone daddy. Normal cause Brookyln did the same thing. Abby will be turning 1 soon. Doesnt seem like it has already been a year. She will be having a lady bug themed party. This will be her 2nd halloween this year and she is going to be here comes trouble and again the wonderful gamma is making her costume as well!

Cant wait to see how all the costumes come out with the handy creations of Gamma! :)