Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 2010

We have had a not so good month. We have all been sick off and on this whole month and the colds just seem to keep coming. Brooklyn and Abby have kept us busy. Brooklyn had her christmas party at school before christmas break and she ended up with makeup. She has been on christmas break now and she is enjoying the sleeping in. I ended up working christmas eve this year and was off christmas. We got a unexpected text on both mine and Camden's phone from his sister. Camden's dad wanted us to come spend christmas eve with him and the family. This is the first time since Camden and I have been together that they have involved us in anything.

Needless to say it went ok and the girls got a giant stuffed dog and a table and chair set that converts to a castle from Grandpa Butch and Grandma Kim. Brooklyn had a good time playing with her cousins. Christmas day we spent it with my parents and sisters and uncle and aunt and cousin. We had a good time and ended the night watching the movie dispicable me. The girls had a great christmas and got a lot of stuff from everyone. Brooklyn got what she wanted from santa and was a happy camper.

Other than christmas- Abby took a few steps on her own and we are still battling her to do them again. I will be glad when she walks on her own. Makes it so much easier than carrying her everywhere. She finally got her 5th tooth. It has varely broke skin but its there. Besides her being crabby cause of being sick she is doing great.

Brookyln has been doing good. She is enjoying christmas break. She also still seems to be my mouthy girl. I only hope Abby doesnt learn that from her but i am sure she will. She got her wish that she wanted for christmas. She told us she wanted a cat and a dog well the other day Camden came home with the girls and a stray cat appeared. We think someone has dumped it off cause its the most loveable thing ever and it doesnt run from you and comes when you call it. She has officially named it Hannah Montana. And then when it comes to a dog- she got a stuffed one from gpa butch.

I think Brooklyn has outgrown the i hate animals cause she is in awe with the cat. She pets her everytime she goes outside and makes sure she has food and water.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shatto Dairy Farm

Brooklyn and I went to the Shatto dairy farm with her school. She loves going to see the cows and sampling milk. I love it too! Thank you gamma for watching Abby for us. We arrived at the farm and first thing Brooklyn does it plug her nose. She says it stinks! We then went in and met the momma cows and learnt how they were milked. Brooklyn thought it was so funny there was a momma cow named Lilly so we had to tell gamma and daddy and deana.

We then made our way into the barn to meet the baby cows. We learnt that one of the baby cows was born on Abby's bday. It's name was cow patty. Brooklyn had fun looking at all the baby cows and the big momma cow named Fuzzy. Majority of the kids milked Fuzzy but Brooklyn wouldnt have nothing to do with her as usual.

It was time to see how the milk was bottled and the kids thought that was awesome watching the bottles get filled(with water). We made our way back to the new part they were building last year when we went and sampled the milk. This was the fun part :) I am so proud of Brooklyn she tried all of them except for a few. She down the rootbeer,strawberry and chocolate milk. We learnt were they made ice cream and cheese. I took some pics of Brooklyn and then we left to come back to Richmond to get Abby.

Overall Brooklyn and i enjoyed spending time together!

Halloween 2010

Brooklyn's preschool class

Brooklyn had her halloween party at school and it turnt out great. She enjoyed all the games and sweets! Brooklyn wore her Dorthy costume that Gamma made her. There were 2 Dorthy's. Chloe and Brooklyn both had the same idea this year. :)

Halloween started off late. Camden had to work till 6. It was almost 7 before he left work. We were then off to our annual places we go! First stop was Gamma and Pappi's house. We spent some time with everyone. The kiddos were ready to go trick or treating so we took them down the road. After making our rounds down the street and back we were off to excelsior to see my parents. Both girls were asleep by the time we got there but still got them out. Grandma went camera happy and then loaded Brooklyn up on candy. Abby was still tired and didnt want no one! We finally left my parents and then headed into excelsior. It was getting late so we went to about 20 houses and then stopped for the night since Brooklyn had school the next morning. Abby loved watching all the kids going from house to house. This was her first year she went with us since last year she was only a week old.Not our normal routine that we usually do but we stopped at the fire station which was something we have never done before. :) Overall it was a great halloween and the girls loved trick or treating. Cant wait for next year ( hopefully i am not working) Brooklyn has already said she wanted to be Alice and wonderland for next year but i bet that will change when this time comes again next year.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 2010

October has been a busy month for us. We have been staying busy and when we are not working we are doing something. Camden has been staying busy constantly working with the GOB sell up at lexington. Will be glad when that store officially closes and things go back to normal. Things with the girls are great. Brooklyn went to her field trip with Camden and had so much fun and met up with a buddy from last year. School is going great for her but her whole class has been talk to about being too talkative. Abby celebrated her birthday on the 17th with family and had so much fun. She loves all of her new toys especially the barn gamma gave her and the baby from cousins Tara-Emmalee and Tori. She is growing like a weed and i cant believe she is already a year old. We went to the dr yesterday for her 1yr check up and he said she is great! Our little chunky monkey is 21 lbs 4oz and 28 3/8 in long. Abby's official bday i worked that morning and then i took the girls to Tara and Duane's for their halloween party. The girls and i had a great time and Abby was happy to be around family that evening. I must say gamma did a great job on all the costumes! They all were fabulous! Brooklyn has her halloween party at school this week and is excited to wear her dorthy costume. She cant wait to go trick or treating! Overall both girls are doing great and couldnt be better!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brooklyn- Abby

Brooklyn went back to school in Aug and is doing very good at school. She has a few kids in her class that like to get into trouble. Brooklyn has become a sassy butt and she is learning real quick that it doesnt fly very well with anyone. So we are working on the not being sassy and telling people no! She recently turned 5 in Sept. Hard to believe 5 yrs ago i had her. She wanted her party at the park and it to be hannah montana theme! Overall she had a awesome birthday! Oct has come and she is ready for Halloween. She wanted to be dorthy off of the wizard of oz so the wonderful gamma is making her costume again this year for her. She is one happy little girl! She will be attending her first field trip this year with daddy to the pumpkin patch! So that will be nice for her and daddy to get some time spent together alone. I am disappointed cause i wanted to take Abby since this would be her first time to the patch but that will have to wait due to me having to work.

Abby is growing like a weed. Brooklyn and i looked at pics of her along time ago and she definatley has changed. She has learnt to pull up and start officially crawling instead of the army crawling. I think with the help of Miss Lilleigh she pulled it off by watching her! But Abby has shown Lilleigh a few tricks of her own- like her little head stands! Those 2 are like 2 peas in a pod! They are cousins and best friends! :) Abby has been a little stubborn girl when it comes to drinking out of a sippy. She has not been wanting to do it but we are working on that since in a few weeks she will no longer be on the bottle!She has become one little piggy when it comes to eating. She sees anyone with food she wants it too! She has learnt to say momma on top of daddy but here lately she is all about saying daddy calling everyone daddy. Normal cause Brookyln did the same thing. Abby will be turning 1 soon. Doesnt seem like it has already been a year. She will be having a lady bug themed party. This will be her 2nd halloween this year and she is going to be here comes trouble and again the wonderful gamma is making her costume as well!

Cant wait to see how all the costumes come out with the handy creations of Gamma! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We have been busy this month!

Abby has tried another meat (turkey). She absolutely hates it! So we have laid off trying meats. She has been eating everything else just fine :) She just recently started eating the baby puffs and loves them! She has been doing the army crawl and she is saying dada dada! She has also starting drinking her bottles out of a sippy cup! :)

Brooklyn is excited to go back to school next month! She has been helping feed Abby her snacks and helping getting Abby to moving around on the floor by playing with her! Such a big sister! We had a girls day/ bday for Alli this month. Took the girls to get their nails done,eat lunch and then off to fun run! We didnt stay long cause Alli got a burn on her arm from playing on the slide so we took her home and then came home to get ready for vacation!She is also has picked out her bday party for sept and its going to be hannah montana!Overall Brooklyn has been a great big helper for mommy and daddy! :)

We just recently got back from our family reunion we go to every year. We had alot of fun relaxing and enjoying the stress free environment! The girls had fun playing in the pool and Brooklyn actually got papa to get in with her! First for her and couldnt tell you the last time i seen my dad in a swimming pool! Brooklyn is doing alot better on learning to float and swim on her own with her barbie life jacket. We all enjoyed the homemade ice cream on friday night! Brooklyn had lots of fun playing with different cousins and the kiddy auction! Saturday night was pic night of the families so we had to wear our family color(which ours is purple) Sunday we headed home and we stopped by Jacob's cave on the way home.
This was a first for the girls! Abby enjoyed being in the stroller walking threw the cave and then Brooklyn on the other hand had to be carried the WHOLE way threw and the WHOLE way back! She didnt like the dark!

Took Abby to the dr today and dr said she is great! Abby is definately teething. She is 19lbs 6 oz and 27 1/2 in long- she is sliming down on her weight and not gaining as fast but she is going to be a litte tall girl :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

~Baby food~

Why does baby food have to smell like dog food??? It's nasty to think my child is eating this but she is! Abby just finished off her first jar of chicken baby food. She started on the jar yesterday and she ate it and then finished it up tonight with pears. She is doing great eating baby food. She is just like Brooklyn. She eats anything! :) The other day when we finished getting the rest of her jars- we debated on getting her a couple jars of meats to see how she would react to them. Well now we know! Next is turkey! She has been eating more and more baby food and loving every bit of it! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Abby is learning more on sitting. She has been sitting by herself on the floor for 30 to 45 mins and then gives in and falls over. Tough little girl she doesnt cry :) In the walker she has learn to move her legs and push off and go forward! :) instead of always going backwards! Her teeth are still bothering her but they are coming in more and more every day, you can officially see the 2 when she smiles and gets fustrated- when she gets fustrated she loves to wrinkle her nose- too cute

Brooklyn still same Brooklyn. Trying to keep her on track with things she learned at school and writing her name. She still loves aggravating her little sister!

Cant wait for vacation in july! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abby and Brooklyn

Quick update- Abby has her second tooth! :) She is rolling over more and more and she has gotten better on sitting up with something helpin her. No other signs of her sittin up on her own yet. She is still moving around on her belly more and more but no usin her knees and arms and crawling. No other news on her!

Brooklyn- not much going on with her other than she totally cant wait for her friend Macynna to come in. Tomorrow is the big day! She is still wondering why she hasnt went back to school yet. She hasnt gotten the consept of a summer break. She still cant make up her mind on what she wants to do for her birthday party! Cant believe she is almost 5 yrs old!

Times flying by!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Seems here lately we are always so busy! Busy working or doing something else- well this month is going by so quick- we had Abby going to the dr left and right before her appt @ childrens mercy- then Abby's trip to childrens mercy- Brooklyn's last day of school- Alaina Mae Leslie arrives :) - preschool field trip to the zoo- and the list goes on!

last night we were sitting here relaxing and Abby was laying on the floor playing rolling around- and she had a pink bear- it was so cute watching here cause she was trying to attempt to get it and using all her might- she used her legs to push off but would not use her arms to help her move instead she was using her stomach- she would wobble side to side on her tummy and use her legs to push off- wonder if she will ever attempt to crawl since she knows she can get somewhere with her belly???????

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brooklyn's last day of preschool!

Yesterday was Brooklyn's last day and we were able to go due to Abby's appt not taking very long. They didnt go to the park since it had rained and muddy. They sang songs for us and recieved a certificate and a medal. Brooklyn played with all her friends and had a good day. I dont think it has set in on her that she doesnt go back for awhile! She will go back next year and go mon- weds- fri in the mornings. We have learned as well she has split her class up and not all of her friends will be in her class next year. Thats ok she will make new friends and meet up with all her other friends in kindergarten. Overall she has had a great year and she has learned so much. She has learned many new songs,shapes,colors and count to 30 and she learnt how to write her name! She loved having Mrs. Padgett has a teacher and is looking forward to her next year as well!

*Abby's trip to Childrens Mercy*

Yesterday was Abby's apt at childrens mercy. We dropped Brooklyn off at Aunt Peggy's house at 8:30 and made our way there. We got there about 9:45 and made our way in. Got checked in to the radiology dept and about 10 mins later we were back in the room. They wanted to try without sedation first and it was a success! :) Baby girl was a big trooper and held still long enough to do the scan and not have to be sedated! They took her and wrapped her up in a blanket and then strapped her down and even her head and thats when she fussed and then once it began a lady sat there and kept her company and played,sang to her and Abby just watched! They brought out sugar water to dip her binkie in but as we know she wont care for it. She wouldnt even drink apple juice so why would she take sugar water! They finished with the scan and now we had to wait on Tompkins office to call us with the results.
That afternoon i recieved a call on my cell phone from them and i called them back and they told me it came back normal! :) Abby is just blessed with a big head!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Abby ate green beans tonight! YEA!!! So far now she has ate everything we have gave her! I only hope now she likes meats when we try those!

~ Abby's tooth~

Was feeling around in her mouth today and on the bottom she has one that broke threw finally! :) Hopefully it wont take long for it to fully come up! WATCH OUT! She has a weapon in her mouth now and yes it is sharp cause Brooklyn wanted to feel it and i told her it was sharp and she didnt believe me till she felt it!

MoRe BaBy FoOd :)

We have tried more foods with Abby and she LOVES carrots! She also likes squash! One thing she does not like is green beans- i have tried multiple times to get her to eat green beans and i am going to try 1 more time and if the same outcome then i am ruling out she does not like green beans! She still has sweet peas to try! So wish us luck that we can get her to eat those!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby food

Abby has been on baby food since the 2nd of may. She has tried bananas,sweet potatoes,peaches and apple sauce. So far looks to be like she is liking them all and when she is done eating she will let ya know when she is done by clamping her mouth shut! She just now recently got to where after a few bites she would start opening her mouth and wanting more! :) We will soon be on to more fruits and veggies!

* FaMiLy*

Last night took a big toll on me and i stayed up most of the night crying with a lot on my mind. Camden and i did some talking but i know he is upset to see whats going on and to see me so upset. So i told him from now on when it comes to his dad and siblings i could care less and if they wanna come see the girls they can come down here ( which is doubtful) i am NOT taking my kids over to their house! I am done trying to make things right and trying to get my girls to actually have a decent relationship with their grandparents and aunt and uncles on that side. Its not getting any where and all it does is cause more problems and heartache on people. I am sorry i want to defend my kids but i am their mother! I just dont understand why a family can be so torn up and not get along but i guess i never will!
Camden has alot on his plate and i told him i know i didnt make it any better when i was defending my kids! But from now on he is making his own choices on what he wants to do when it comes to them cause i am out!


I can safely say i am stressed to the max! From now on if your not in my children's lives nor Camden and mine then you can seriously go F-off! I am very greatful for who is in my little family lives and we love each and everyone of you! I am done tryin to help make things right cause all it does is start more problems for everyone else and Camden and i fight! I AM DONE!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

*April 29,2010*

This was a busy day for us. Abby and Brooklyn both had things going on. Brooklyn had her class field trip to the library and then Abby had her 6 month check up and then just getting stuff done around the house since it was our day off. Now onto Brooklyn-

Brooklyn had her class field trip to the library and she was so happy daddy got to go with her. She said they read books and made pinwheels,got tattoos. Overall she had a great time and especially spending it with daddy.

Abby had her 6 month check up and she is 17lbs 4 oz and 25 1/4 inches long. Dr said she looks really good and growing great but is still worried her head is too big. He pondered for quite some time to make sure it was really needed to do the ct scan on her head. He wants to make 100% sure there is nothing wrong with her but he honestly thinks there is nothing wrong but he just wants to make sure. So we get to go to children's mercy on May 20 @ 10am. Her appt is not till 11 but she has to be there a hour before due to having to be sedated! :( I am so not looking forward to that. Keep her in your thoughts! She gets to start baby food now and she has tried bananas and seems to like them! :)

Overall both girls are great and growing like weeds! Couldnt ask for anything better than my 2 beautiful girls!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Abby is 6 months old!

My baby girl is growing up so fast and she is the big 6 months old! She goes back to the dr on the 29th to see where she is at on her wellness checkups and then dr will decide wether or not to have the test ran on her head due to her 4 month visit he was worried her head being too big. Here before to long she is going to have 2 teeth! You can start seeing white pearly gums on the bottom and see 2 that look like they are going to pop threw soon! YEA!!!! Aka mom is tired of a cranky butt and nasty i mean nasty diapers!

Brooklyn is almost 5 yrs old ( 5 more months)! Hard to believe! She still loves school more than ever and cant wait for her zoo field trip still! She got 2 zhu zhu pets on our vacation for being so good by Camden! She has more and more of a attitude and becoming her own little self! She went fishing again with daddy the other night but never caught anything. She was happy to take her barbie pole but she told daddy she needs a dora one just like tori! LOL

This coming weekend we are planning on going to the parade uptown at the mushroom festival if its not raining and also the mo chip process is taking place again this year and wanna get Abby on it as well! Then it will be off to Cobi and Dylan's parties! So looks like our Sat is all filled up!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

" Our First Family Vacation"

We were debating on wether to even go or not because we had originally planned to come due to Camden having a fishing tournment. Well at the last minute we decided to come since we havent seen Granny Julie and Grandpa Dorsey since the wedding which was almost 5 years ago plus we had not seen Miranda and her kids. We left Sat afternoon at 430pm and got down here officially at 9 due to having to stop 3 times so Brooklyn could take potty breaks. Sat morning we got up and around and everyone got showers and baths out of the way and then we went to walmart and got a few things (due to Brooklyn not feeling great) and we strolled threw the toy isles and low and behold there were the zuzu pets! She wants one so bad! And daddy told her if she was good this weekend she could have one so everyone watch out cause she may have one by the time we get home!LOL After that we made our way over to Julie and Dorsey's house. We spent most of the day with them and suprisingly they took us to eat lunch. About 830- 9 ish (pm) Miranda and the kids show up after being at their fathers house all day. Brooklyn didnt know what to do with so many cousins she didnt even know. Abigail didnt either! Miranda now has 5 kids and suprisingly she has a girl named Abigail! LOL Needless to say we got a pic of Abigail and Abigail together and will post later! Overall good day and spent some needed time with the family and Cam got some fishing in! Brooklyn and Abigail got to meet- Aunt Miranda, Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dorsey( which she calls grandma and grandpa but then she says they are her great) Cousins- Abigail,Austin,Logan,Gabriella and Conner.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Abigail tried oatmeal cereal!!!!

Today while we were out and about i stopped in at my mom's work and we picked up some oatmeal cereal. I fixed it for her with a bottle when we came home and she downed it! YEA!!!! Abby hated the rice cereal! I tried anything and everything to get her to eat the rice and she would not do it! She downed the oatmeal without gaggin and acting like she was going to throw up! :) Made my day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April is here!

Abigail- 5 months old

Brooklyn- 4 1/2 yr old

Abigail- 5 months old

April 1st we had Brooklyn's easter party at school. They had so much fun and they dyed 2 eggs apiece and then we proceeded over to the park for a egg hunt and to finish out the party. The kids had so much fun with everything- snacks- hunt and playing!
Abigail is still sick with her stuff she has. Camden took her to the dr on the 31st of March and they said she had a ear infection and gave her meds for her ear and the cough she has. She has been on the meds and is about done with them well she is still not better so we called the dr back monday and they have put her on breathing treatments= mommy hates! Hate them cause Abigail has one right before her normal bedtime and then she is up till 12 sometimes after! ERRRRR! She is doing much better being on them and not coughing as much but she is still alittle so hopefully a few more days and she will be cured! PLEASE HOPE!!!
I am so happy that Brooklyn has not came down with Abigail sickness that she cant get over! With the weather being so nice some days we have been hanging outside alittle more so Brooklyn can play and not be cooped up in the house. Last week we had a rain storm move in and my mother had a window fall down on her when she tried to close it and it broke her nose. I took her to the er to have it looked at and my dad met me there. Poor thing looks horrible! Brooklyn is looking forward to Tori's bday party this weekend! The following weekend i have a baby shower but we were also planning on a family vacation down to Branson to visit with family we have not seen in 5 years. Then come the 29th we have Abigail's dr appt and then get to find out if she has to have a test ran or not! Keep figures crossed we dont have too~!
Camden is enjoying the weather due to now he can go fishing more! He just put a new gas tank on his truck due to the old one leaking like a faucet and its going good! He just told me the other day he losted his wedding ring!:( We have looked all over and only a few more places to look and if cant find it its gone! This month we will be married 5 years but been together 8 1/2 years! He was working on helping coaching soccer but due to his schedule changing and my schedule for work he has not been able to.


We started off by going to sunrise service at church followed by breakfast. Then came home and took a little nap before church.We made our way back to church and following services they had a easter egg hunt for the kids. We spent some time with my parents and Amy and her kids and Nick were over for a while as well. Amy had a easter egg hunt for the kids so Brooklyn had 2 hunts in one day = way too much candy for one day! We had pizza for our easter dinner which was good! :) We made our way home about 5ish that night and Camden mowed the yard while i took pics of the girls outside. Overall we had a good easter!

come may we have our trip to the zoo for preschool and our friends are having a baby and miss Alaina will be here! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just some pics

-Brooklyn's family- ( pictured is mommy,Brooklyn,Abigail,daddy)

-Brooklyn and Abigail in their St.Patty's day shirts Gamma made them-

- All the grandkids- Gaige,Demi,Brooklyn,Arabella,Abigail and Evan-

-Abigail trying cereal and her reaction-

What's been happening in March???

This month has gone by so quick! We celebrated St Patty's day and Gamma ( Aunt Peggy) made the girls st patty's day shirts that turnt out so cute! The girls love them! We celebrated my parents anniversary along with st patty's day and then my mom's birthday- that sunday after her birthday we were at my parents house and all 6 of the grandkids were together so my sister and mother got pictures! Gaige and Demi finally got to meet their new cousin as well. Overall that was a good day! Days shortly after that we started again, to see how well Abigail likes cereal and overall she hates it being spoon fed but in a bottle she will atleast eat it but i still dont think she likes it. I have tried everything even buying the mixed fruit/rice cereal and just plain rice cereal and also tried mixing it with formula. She justs hates it! I dont think we ever tried rice cereal with Brooklyn, i think we started right off the get go with oatmeal which maybe what i have to do with Abby. Tompkins said as soon as she hit 5 months old to start the cereal so its a on going battle! Abigail finally started rolling over all the time now! She did it 2 times at Aunt Peggy's house but then after that she never did it again! Low and behold she started doing it all the time now! I am glad she is starting to stay longer on her belly cause she needs to learn that strength to hold that head up and also to grow her hair back on the back of her head she lost!

Brooklyn is still loving school and she just found out recently that they are going to the zoo so she wants to go NOW! I told her she is going to have to wait till may when they are supposed to go. She has also been fighting sinus drainage and congestion and coughing due to drainage! Cant wait till this weather stays at one thing instead of going from cold to hot and back to cold!She is excited to go to Tori's pinkalicious birthday party and also excited for easter to get lots of candy. She is learning more and more things and doing very well at knowing her colors,shapes and abc's. She can write her own name very good. She is excited to go to preschool again next year. She loves her sister very much but still likes to pick on her like every big sister does!

Monday, March 1, 2010

~ Abigail's 4 month check up~

* Abigail - Feb 2010*

We journeyed to the dr on Feb 24 and she went in and the nurse did all her measurements and they are : height - 24 5/8 in long
Weight- 16 lbs 2 ozs
head - 17 7/8

We sat and waited for Dr. Tompkins to come in and finally he made his way in and began to evualate Abigail. She is good in all of her growth but the thing that is he is worried about it Abby's head is too big. :( Everything growth wise is on the chart except her head which shows him concerns. Its way off the chart and has been! He said he will see her back when she is 6 months old and if her head grew anymore then we will have to have a ct scan done on Abby's head to see if there is any reasons to show why her head is so big- he said most of the time they dont fine nothing but its better to be safe than sorry. He also told us that normally if something is wrong she would be throwing up all the time, showing signs of her head hurting. So all we can do is wait and see! With all of that he told us he gave us nose spray that we put in her nose 1 a day ( which seems to be helping ) and do that for about a month and if it didnt get better than she just has a small nasal passage and hopefully will out grow that since she has been congested since she was born. Then on we went and discussed the diaper rash she had and found out its a yeast infection so now we have ointment to nip that in the butt as well. Overall after all that she is doing great. He did say she should be pulling her chest off the floor when she is laying on her tummy and we dont really see her doing that yet. We did tell him she did roll over 2 at Aunt Peggy's house which is a good sign she is learning things on her own! :) Only time will tell and hopes she is just a slower learner when it comes to things. And hopefully she just has a big head! I think she is just perfect and couldnt ask for a better baby! Happy all the time and smiles!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

-what a suprise-

Friday the 19th while over at Gamma's house while Camden and i was working, Abigail rolled over!!!! YEA ABBY! She has never really showed any interest in doing that since she gets so mad being on her tummy! But after much success she DID IT! Now if you lay her on her back she shows much interest in wanting to roll over cause of the way she moves her body but still hasnt done it in front of Camden and i. I am just happy she showed her success in front of family! My baby is getting to be a big girl! Abigail is talking more gibberish and coo's and slobbers like crazy! So keeping the look out for those white shiny chompers to come threw! She is throwing us for a loop on her sleeping habits because she used to be more a wake during the day and slept really well at night and all night! Now she sleeps more during the day and then finally gives in at 1am and then gets Camden or I up in between 7 and 8. I am happy she is still sleeping threw the night but it would be nice to go to bed before 1am. Hopefully its just a fluke and she goes back to her old routine and doesnt stay like this.
Brooklyn has been wanting to help with sister and well she gave Abigail a ride! Camden was home with the girls and he layed Abby in her swing while he went to go fix her a bottle and Brooklyn went over to push her and she pushed too hard and Abby went flying forward out of her swing,face first into the floor. Camden said she didnt cry and didnt seemed hurt. She had a little red mark on her face but that was all. YEA!! NO BRUISES! Other than her tormenting her sister and beating her up, she has still continues to love school and loves going. Here lately it has snowed and she has been wanting to play in the snow but we have not made our way out to the snow to play in it.
Camden is still busy with working and then coming home. He is so ready for the weather to warm back up so he can go fishing. In April we are taking our own little family vacation (for the first time since we have been married) to Branson. We are going to go enjoy the scenes and Camden is going to be in his first fishing tournment and then we are going to go visit Granny Julie and Grandpa Dorsey. The last time we seen them was our wedding and they havent seen the kids so we want to go. I am still busy working all the time and then home with the girls on my days off. Last friday Camden offered to keep the girls so i could go see my high school friend who i havent seen since we graduated which was almost 8 years ago! :( I had such a great time catching up with her and seeing her kids. I wished she was here in MO but her hubby really doesnt wanna move back so i guess i will stick with keeping in contact with her threw fb and texting! Overall it was nice to get out of the house and by myself with out kids! One of these nights Cam and i are going to have a date night!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Abigail and Brooklyn

Evan Thomas

Abigail Rae and Lilleigh Rae

2010 has brought us 2 new members to our family! Both babies are so precious and so cute! We welcome Lilleigh Rae and Evan Thomas! Lilleigh was born January 20,2010 and Evan was born February 2,2010!

Brooklyn is still having fun at school and learning more and more! She is doing very well and she has learn almost how to spell her name by herself. There are a few letters she still has problems with but overall doing great. She knows her colors and her shapes and she can count to 13 by herself. We have a smart cookie on our hands! She has more and more of a attitude but she is a good helper when she wants be with little sister. She loves playing with her and i think its more or less making her mad than anything! She is still having issues with her sleeping in her own bed! We made her bedtime 9pm instead of 10, its 9pm all the time and so far it seems to be working ok, so far she only gets out of bed once and thats it and then she is asleep. But then she is into the whole waking up and going potty in the middle of the night and then its off to mommy and daddy's bed not back to hers!

Abigail is getting big and growing like a weed. She is starting to outgrown some of her 0-3 clothes :( She is eating 6oz bottles every 3 to 4 hours but sometimes longer. She is still doing very well at sleeping at night occasionally we have a few nights where she wakes up in the middle of the night but overall she is doing awesome with sleeping threw the night! :) We were giving her rice cereal in her bottles when she was like 5 wks old but we stopped that after a few weeks cause you couldnt see any difference in her sleeping patterns. Abigail goes back to the dr this month and we hopes to find out how much our chunky baby weighs! :) Her last dr appt she was 14lbs so it wouldnt suprise me if she is closer to 20! We have a growing girl on our hands!