Friday, March 26, 2010

Just some pics

-Brooklyn's family- ( pictured is mommy,Brooklyn,Abigail,daddy)

-Brooklyn and Abigail in their St.Patty's day shirts Gamma made them-

- All the grandkids- Gaige,Demi,Brooklyn,Arabella,Abigail and Evan-

-Abigail trying cereal and her reaction-

What's been happening in March???

This month has gone by so quick! We celebrated St Patty's day and Gamma ( Aunt Peggy) made the girls st patty's day shirts that turnt out so cute! The girls love them! We celebrated my parents anniversary along with st patty's day and then my mom's birthday- that sunday after her birthday we were at my parents house and all 6 of the grandkids were together so my sister and mother got pictures! Gaige and Demi finally got to meet their new cousin as well. Overall that was a good day! Days shortly after that we started again, to see how well Abigail likes cereal and overall she hates it being spoon fed but in a bottle she will atleast eat it but i still dont think she likes it. I have tried everything even buying the mixed fruit/rice cereal and just plain rice cereal and also tried mixing it with formula. She justs hates it! I dont think we ever tried rice cereal with Brooklyn, i think we started right off the get go with oatmeal which maybe what i have to do with Abby. Tompkins said as soon as she hit 5 months old to start the cereal so its a on going battle! Abigail finally started rolling over all the time now! She did it 2 times at Aunt Peggy's house but then after that she never did it again! Low and behold she started doing it all the time now! I am glad she is starting to stay longer on her belly cause she needs to learn that strength to hold that head up and also to grow her hair back on the back of her head she lost!

Brooklyn is still loving school and she just found out recently that they are going to the zoo so she wants to go NOW! I told her she is going to have to wait till may when they are supposed to go. She has also been fighting sinus drainage and congestion and coughing due to drainage! Cant wait till this weather stays at one thing instead of going from cold to hot and back to cold!She is excited to go to Tori's pinkalicious birthday party and also excited for easter to get lots of candy. She is learning more and more things and doing very well at knowing her colors,shapes and abc's. She can write her own name very good. She is excited to go to preschool again next year. She loves her sister very much but still likes to pick on her like every big sister does!

Monday, March 1, 2010

~ Abigail's 4 month check up~

* Abigail - Feb 2010*

We journeyed to the dr on Feb 24 and she went in and the nurse did all her measurements and they are : height - 24 5/8 in long
Weight- 16 lbs 2 ozs
head - 17 7/8

We sat and waited for Dr. Tompkins to come in and finally he made his way in and began to evualate Abigail. She is good in all of her growth but the thing that is he is worried about it Abby's head is too big. :( Everything growth wise is on the chart except her head which shows him concerns. Its way off the chart and has been! He said he will see her back when she is 6 months old and if her head grew anymore then we will have to have a ct scan done on Abby's head to see if there is any reasons to show why her head is so big- he said most of the time they dont fine nothing but its better to be safe than sorry. He also told us that normally if something is wrong she would be throwing up all the time, showing signs of her head hurting. So all we can do is wait and see! With all of that he told us he gave us nose spray that we put in her nose 1 a day ( which seems to be helping ) and do that for about a month and if it didnt get better than she just has a small nasal passage and hopefully will out grow that since she has been congested since she was born. Then on we went and discussed the diaper rash she had and found out its a yeast infection so now we have ointment to nip that in the butt as well. Overall after all that she is doing great. He did say she should be pulling her chest off the floor when she is laying on her tummy and we dont really see her doing that yet. We did tell him she did roll over 2 at Aunt Peggy's house which is a good sign she is learning things on her own! :) Only time will tell and hopes she is just a slower learner when it comes to things. And hopefully she just has a big head! I think she is just perfect and couldnt ask for a better baby! Happy all the time and smiles!