Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas 2009

Brooklyn and Abby christmas 2009

Christmas this year was a very snowy christmas! Christmas eve we made our way to my parents house so that way we could make it out and Camden could spend christmas with my family and i could make my way to work! We all woke up christmas morning and it had snowed so bad and the drifts were outragious! People were getting stuck on the hill next to my parents and cars off in the ditch. Camden told me to call in cause he didnt want me going in which was fine by me! :) So i did and plenty others called as well. I would rather save my life and car than be in a ditch somewhere and freeze. So i spent christmas with my parents and sisters (after they got unstuck) and some family that could make it up the hill. I was overall happy that i got to spend christmas with my girls and family. Christmas night we adventured out after it took all day to get camden's truck started due to the cold weather and made our way home. As soon as we got to camden they had cleared our roads really well but the street going down to the house was not touched so we had to venture the cars threw about 8 to 10 inches of snow to get down to the house. Saturday someone had came down and plowed our road for us which i was very thankful instead of having to drive threw it. Sat evening we went to Bella's 1st bday. Today our neighbor finished up and plowed our street some more all the way down to our vehicles.
Brookyln loved all of her presents from everyone and loved santa's gift. So we have been watching all the new full house movies better than watching the same one over and over again.We also went to see the new chipmunk movie on christmas eve just me and brooklyn. Very cute movie and definatley will be buying it when it comes out. Abby didnt really know what was going on but got lots of cute clothes and her very first cabbage patch baby from brooklyn. She is now officially 2 months old and we weighed her last night and she is 13 1/2 pounds. My baby girl is getting to be a big girl! She is also up to eating 6 oz bottles. Its usually every 4 hrs but sometimes longer in between. She is still sleeping really well. Overall a good christmas and now to get threw the new year and then off to 2 new babies in our family. Cant wait to meet Miss Lilleigh(I think thats how she spells it) Rae and Mr Evan

Next month got 2 baby showers to go to one just to go too and one to plan!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Been a while- update

Its been a while since i last posted anything and we have been very busy around the house especially having a newborn! Thanksgiving we went to my parents house and spent time with my family and so all my aunts and uncles who came could see Abigail. I had the day after thanksgiving off due to being on maternity leave! :) I was happy cause i havent been off that day in a very long time! Didnt go shopping though till that afternoon cause i was not about to get the girls up early and it was still busy when i went to walmart that afternoon. I ended up getting the new ice age movie and Abigail a cabbage patch baby! On to december- We had our family pics taken threw a friend of ours and did a great job on them! Now just trying to get them uploaded on this slow computer! :( I had to go back to work on the 5th of dec and let me tell ya i am pooped! Everyone is hounding me to work for them or switch shifts with them so of course me being the nice one i said yes and plus it gives me more hours. Brooklyn went to Emmalee's rock star party on the 6th with Gamma and Pappi due to me not being able to go and that way Brooklyn could go which i am very thankful for. We got Brooklyn's preschool pics back and they are cute! She has a christmas party coming up next week and she has Gracie to get a gift for. This month is flying by fast and soon it will be christmas and i am not even half way done shopping for my nieces and nephew and let alone the girls. I have to work christmas this year so Camden gets to spend christmas with my parents and the girls. Abigail is getting big and growing like crazy. We started on cereal in her last bottle at night before we all go to sleep when she was 5 1/2 weeks. She loves it! She was only waking up once a night but now she is getting herself to where she is sleeping till 530 sometimes 630 before she wants another bottle since her last one at 10 or 11. But there is still sometimes she is waking up still hungry. She is a growing girl. Camden weighed her a couple weeks ago and he was estimated her at 11 lbs 5 ozs and that was threw his fish weigher LOL She is in 0 to 3 clothes and some of them fit just right while others are swimming on her. She goes back to the dr on the 30th. She has also been fighting congestion for a week or so now and hopefully its just due to the weather and nothing else. Brooklyn is still liking school and she is happy to be back at gamma's while mommy and daddy are working. She is still loving the fact she has a sister and i think she is starting to show some signs of jealousy but its not too bad! YET any way! Other than that nothing new with her!