Friday, October 30, 2009

~Abby is officially one week old~


It's been officially one week today since i had Abby. She has grown so much since we have been home and she is one hungry girl as well. Camden and i dont know how we got so lucky with this one because she is such a good sleeper at night and she only wakes up 2 times maybe 3 in the middle of the night and she is holding her formula very well. Brooklyn, we had problems getting her to sleep due to formula hurting her tummy and constipating her. Well Abby has not had any problems in any of that! :) Brooklyn loves her sister and has been a very good girl with helping mommy and daddy when it comes to sister. She has even helped changed poopy diapers!

Yesterday we took Brooklyn to school and she had her Halloween party. She was in a mood yesterday and didnt wanna listen at first. She finally decided to put her costume on at school and everyone loved her costume. She had a fun time at her party and got lots of goodies and she cant wait to go trick or treating with daddy on halloween. Abby is going to grandma's house for a bit while we take Brooklyn out. Daddy is actually thinking about dressing up as a dr since he had to wear scrubs when i had my c section done! Brooklyn was happy daddy was dressing up but sad to say mommy is not!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally home from the hospital

We officially got home on monday from the hospital. Everyone was finally home and relaxing. Camden went back to work on tuesday and came home and took Brooklyn to school since i cant drive for one to two weeks. Other than that everyone is adapting to Abby being here with us. She is such a good baby and eats sleeps and makes diapers. Thats it! She is not a fussy one like Brooklyn was at first when she was a baby due to formula making her tummy hurt. I was still really sore when i came home at first but i am not as bad now. Climbing into the explorer is still a work in progress still till my incision heals up completely. Its kind of driving me crazy cause i hate staying at home but on the other hand i dont feel comfortable driving right now cause of my incision still being alittle sore and the seat belt lands right there. Abby goes to see Dr. Tompkins on weds the 28th(today) and on my papers they put to go back in 3 wks to see the dr that delivered Abby but he doesnt have 3wk follow ups so they have me going to see him in 6wks. So i plan on keeping a eye on the incision and still taking it easy and any flair up Camden says i am to call the dr! He didnt understand why they would write come back in 3 wks but they tell me he only does 6 wk follow ups, i told them what my paper said and they told me Dr.Billharz only does 6 wk follow ups not 3 and the dr that released me from the hospital Dr.Kramer she does the 3 and 6 wk follow ups. So needless to say i go back in dec to the dr. Abby went to the dr today for her checkup and she is one growing baby! She is almost back to her birth weight and tompkins says by the time they are 2wk old they should be back to birth weight well we dont have a problem with that one! She weighs 8lbs 6oz and is 20 5/8 in long and her head is 14 7/8 around, and she was 8lbs 10oz 20in long and her head was 14 3/4 around! Dr tompkins says she looks healthy and is growing good.

*Abigail Rae Summers*

Big sister Brooklyn and Abby

Abby 3 days old

Abigail Rae Summers is here! Officially made her appearance @ 9:14pm on October 23,2009

On Oct 23,2009 Camden and i made our way to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital at 6am and filled out paperwork and off we were to have a baby. The nurse got my iv and pitocin going at 7:3oam and then Dr. Billharz came in and broke my water at 8:30 that morning. Camden was being very good about keeping people updated. The came in and attempted to put in my epidural at 10:30 but the first one was not successful. The second epidural was a success and mommy was in a lot of pain at was at a 5. I never could have done it normally, i am a chicken when it comes to pain!!! They kept coming in and checking and i would gradually make my way up there. By 4pm Dr.Billharz told them to start uping the pitocin every 30min to get it going faster to get miss Abby here. Well by 8:30pm she still wasnt here and Dr.Billharz came in and was concerned. He is a stickler for c sections but he was highly recommending it because my pelvic bones were not allowing Abby to come down anymore or she was just to big. I told him to do whatever he needed to do to get her here safely cause he was giving me the option to go longer to see if she would come by herself and like i said i am a chicken when it comes to pain so Camden and i gave him the go a heads on the c section. They got me all prepped and ready to head back to the or to get the c section rolling. During the prep time the anistigolist ( dont think thats right) was a little concerned that since i had the epidural put in almost 12 hours ago it was not going to work and so then if it didnt work he was going to have to put me to sleep :( luckly the stuff worked when he enjected it into my back again and we were on the road to get this baby here. By the time they started my c section i was so tired and worn out i was falling asleep and was not feeling good cause i had not eaten a thing, but after all the labor and pain mommy had to go threw baby Abby officially came out of my stomach at 9:14pm @ 8lbs 10oz 20in long. Camden got to watch the c section so he got to see them cutting me open and taking stuff out of my body to get her here! Poor guy had been threw enough waiting for her to get here got to see all the blood and guts too! When they put my 1st epidural in he went to a pale white and looked like a ghost so he had to go sit down. After the pains and getting sick i finally had my little girl here and now i have 2 beautiful little girls. :) About 10:30pm everyone finally got to see Miss Abby. Brooklyn was so tired and starting to get cranky but she enjoyed holding her little sister.

Saturday Dr.Billharz came in for his round visits and was making sure everything was ok. He was happy we did the c section because Abby laying slightly sideways in my cervix and that may have been why she was not making her way down very well and that when he made the incision normally when you go in to get the baby out you see a arm or a shoulder, well he said she was right there face and all and looking right at him! He said that was the first time that thats every happen to where you see a baby's face right off the get go!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's going to be a busy time soon!

Well i was off today and i took Brooklyn to preschool. She has so much going on at school coming up its crazy! She has her halloween party coming up on the 29th, that i will get to go too :), then we have the field trip to the fire station Nov 3rd, i felt bad on that one cause only one other person had signed up to help out so me being the nice one i said i would help, so if its too cold that day we may be knocking on Aunt Peggy's door (which i am sure she would LOVE to keep the baby), then come Nov 11 Camden and i will be going with her to the shatto dairy farm and we are still up in the air about taking Abby with us but we will see later what weather will be like, then she has school pics come Nov 19 so i am going to have to find a cute outfit for her pics now!
Well anyways, come 3 days Abby will be here and then we will have 2 rugrats at home! :) We are all excited and cant wait! I am so happy and appreciate everyone that has offered to help out with Brooklyn while i am in the hospital. I appreciate it alot and so does Camden. We are greatful for all of it!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


all i have to say is i think i am going to be bald by the time i hit 30!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

-at the house-

" Brooklyn's first fish ( she was scared and didnt wanna touch it)"
"Brooklyn and her pumpkin she picked out"

well alot has been going on since last time i was on here, Camden and i took Brooklyn to her first preschool field trip on Sept 30, she had so much fun playing with Gracie and Grace and she even helped daddy pick out a pumpkin for her sister when she gets here. Brooklyn caught her first fish when Camden and i took her to Ray county lake,she was so excited and so was Camden. Brooklyn would not touch it though which was even more funny! My doctor's appts have been going good and i just recently went to one yesterday and they are inducing me on the 23rd due to the baby measuring full term and not having any more room to grow! Wish me luck cause i am sure she is going to be huge!!!!!! So as of yesterday i only have to work 2 more days and i am off for 6 weeks and this is the first year in god knows when that i have not had to work the day after thanksgiving!!!! YEA a vacation from work! Looking forward to staying home and being home with the baby and Brooklyn, i am sure Brooklyn will be jealous at first but i am sure she will be my little helper as well. She is still getting over being sick and finishing up her antibiotic the dr put her on for the virus she has, now she has been fever free for 3 days now but she is still congested and today she is coughing alot and almost sounds like she is going to loose her poor little voice! She will eventually get well as we are forcing medicines down her! Next weekend we have so much going on but since the baby will be here that friday we will sadly have to miss out, we got invited to Emmalee and Tori's halloween party in hale, missouri saturday evening as well as the church halloween party is that evening as well. So its all up to daddy on wether or not she is going to either one cause i will be in a hospital bed! :( but better news is Abby will be here for Halloween so we can take both girls trick or treating! :) Brooklyn is so happy she gets to be a peguin this year and she is even more happy that gamma is making her costume for her, cant wait to see my little peguin! :) Brooklyn has her halloween party at school on the 29th so i am going to try and make it to that and then she has a field trip the first of nov to the fire station- that all is going to depend on how much help she already has signed up, the shatto dairy farm is on the 12th of nov and i am really looking forward to that cause i have never been there and thinks its going to be interesting! I love going and doing things with Brooklyn and her school since she has became a preschooler! My little girl is growing up! Here lately she has been trying to push buttons and we are all thinking its due to the baby arriving soon, which is a very good possibility! Hopefully she wont be too much worse when we bring her home from the hospital!