Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shatto Dairy Farm

Brooklyn and I went to the Shatto dairy farm with her school. She loves going to see the cows and sampling milk. I love it too! Thank you gamma for watching Abby for us. We arrived at the farm and first thing Brooklyn does it plug her nose. She says it stinks! We then went in and met the momma cows and learnt how they were milked. Brooklyn thought it was so funny there was a momma cow named Lilly so we had to tell gamma and daddy and deana.

We then made our way into the barn to meet the baby cows. We learnt that one of the baby cows was born on Abby's bday. It's name was cow patty. Brooklyn had fun looking at all the baby cows and the big momma cow named Fuzzy. Majority of the kids milked Fuzzy but Brooklyn wouldnt have nothing to do with her as usual.

It was time to see how the milk was bottled and the kids thought that was awesome watching the bottles get filled(with water). We made our way back to the new part they were building last year when we went and sampled the milk. This was the fun part :) I am so proud of Brooklyn she tried all of them except for a few. She down the rootbeer,strawberry and chocolate milk. We learnt were they made ice cream and cheese. I took some pics of Brooklyn and then we left to come back to Richmond to get Abby.

Overall Brooklyn and i enjoyed spending time together!

Halloween 2010

Brooklyn's preschool class

Brooklyn had her halloween party at school and it turnt out great. She enjoyed all the games and sweets! Brooklyn wore her Dorthy costume that Gamma made her. There were 2 Dorthy's. Chloe and Brooklyn both had the same idea this year. :)

Halloween started off late. Camden had to work till 6. It was almost 7 before he left work. We were then off to our annual places we go! First stop was Gamma and Pappi's house. We spent some time with everyone. The kiddos were ready to go trick or treating so we took them down the road. After making our rounds down the street and back we were off to excelsior to see my parents. Both girls were asleep by the time we got there but still got them out. Grandma went camera happy and then loaded Brooklyn up on candy. Abby was still tired and didnt want no one! We finally left my parents and then headed into excelsior. It was getting late so we went to about 20 houses and then stopped for the night since Brooklyn had school the next morning. Abby loved watching all the kids going from house to house. This was her first year she went with us since last year she was only a week old.Not our normal routine that we usually do but we stopped at the fire station which was something we have never done before. :) Overall it was a great halloween and the girls loved trick or treating. Cant wait for next year ( hopefully i am not working) Brooklyn has already said she wanted to be Alice and wonderland for next year but i bet that will change when this time comes again next year.