Thursday, May 19, 2011

WOW~ It's been a while

Well its been a while since i last posted anything. Let me try and recap what all has happened. February we had a new addition to our family. Cale Thomas Odell graced us with his presents :) The girls love their new cousin. In March Abby went back to the dr for her what was suppose to be 18 month check up but she was only 17 mths. The dr said overall she was great but he wants us to come back in June and have her head re-measured. I was not able to go to this dr appt to ask questions but I am getting alittle tired of him bringing up her head is just too big and we may have to go and have another test done again. When June comes we will ask many questions and get down to the bottom of why he is so set on her head. But her measurements were : 25 lbs 30 1/4 in long

April was a busy month for us due to family birthdays-easter and our anniversary and Brooklyn's kindergarten screening. We had all kinds of family birthday parties to attend and the girls enjoyed them all :) April 23 was Camden and my 6 yr anniversary. Cant believe i have been married that long. Doesnt seem that long ago i fell in love with those baby blue eyes :) That evening we enjoyed the night out alone and went and seen a movie and dinner thanks to my parents :) Brooklyn had her kindergarten screening on the 27th and she has made us very proud. She scored in the 6yr range for everything. She did great and only missed a few things but its nothing we cant work on. She cant wait for kindergarten. She scored 80 out 81.

May hasnt been to bad. My mom had to have surgery and had 3 major surgeries all in one. She is doing good but still sore and not able to move around good. The end of the month we will have Brooklyn's preschool graduation which i cant wait to watch my baby girl make the transition to kindergarten. She loves school and she is so excited to go on to kindergarten. She will miss Mrs.Padgett and we hope she has some of her preschool friends in her class next year.

Overall the girls are doing fantastic. Brooklyn is so ready to go to kindergarten and she is ready for graduation. She had a few field trips this month and she enjoyed those. She is growing up. She is enjoying her sister more and more but she loves to annoy her alot.She is my big helper. Abby is moving around alot more and speaking more and more words. Sometimes i wonder where did you hear that. She is in love with Elmo so we are having elmo for her bday this year. She has all of her teeth in except 4 which are coming in all at once and then she is good till those 2 yr molars decide to pop threw. She is learning to climb on things more and more and she loves to stand after she has climbed. I hate to say this but i think my first broken bone is going to come from Abby since she is my dare devil. I will be suprised if she proves me wrong. Overall we are all doing great just staying busy. I cant wait for my vacation in july to get here :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Abby's 15 month check up

Abby went for her 15 mth check up and is doing great and growing like crazy. She is finally walking more and more instead of crawling. She is becoming more independent when it comes to walking. She still will let you know when she doesnt like you taking things from her. Overall we have a healthy little girl! :)

She is 23lbs 13 oz and 23 5/8 long. She is going to be short like her momma :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 2010

We have had a not so good month. We have all been sick off and on this whole month and the colds just seem to keep coming. Brooklyn and Abby have kept us busy. Brooklyn had her christmas party at school before christmas break and she ended up with makeup. She has been on christmas break now and she is enjoying the sleeping in. I ended up working christmas eve this year and was off christmas. We got a unexpected text on both mine and Camden's phone from his sister. Camden's dad wanted us to come spend christmas eve with him and the family. This is the first time since Camden and I have been together that they have involved us in anything.

Needless to say it went ok and the girls got a giant stuffed dog and a table and chair set that converts to a castle from Grandpa Butch and Grandma Kim. Brooklyn had a good time playing with her cousins. Christmas day we spent it with my parents and sisters and uncle and aunt and cousin. We had a good time and ended the night watching the movie dispicable me. The girls had a great christmas and got a lot of stuff from everyone. Brooklyn got what she wanted from santa and was a happy camper.

Other than christmas- Abby took a few steps on her own and we are still battling her to do them again. I will be glad when she walks on her own. Makes it so much easier than carrying her everywhere. She finally got her 5th tooth. It has varely broke skin but its there. Besides her being crabby cause of being sick she is doing great.

Brookyln has been doing good. She is enjoying christmas break. She also still seems to be my mouthy girl. I only hope Abby doesnt learn that from her but i am sure she will. She got her wish that she wanted for christmas. She told us she wanted a cat and a dog well the other day Camden came home with the girls and a stray cat appeared. We think someone has dumped it off cause its the most loveable thing ever and it doesnt run from you and comes when you call it. She has officially named it Hannah Montana. And then when it comes to a dog- she got a stuffed one from gpa butch.

I think Brooklyn has outgrown the i hate animals cause she is in awe with the cat. She pets her everytime she goes outside and makes sure she has food and water.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shatto Dairy Farm

Brooklyn and I went to the Shatto dairy farm with her school. She loves going to see the cows and sampling milk. I love it too! Thank you gamma for watching Abby for us. We arrived at the farm and first thing Brooklyn does it plug her nose. She says it stinks! We then went in and met the momma cows and learnt how they were milked. Brooklyn thought it was so funny there was a momma cow named Lilly so we had to tell gamma and daddy and deana.

We then made our way into the barn to meet the baby cows. We learnt that one of the baby cows was born on Abby's bday. It's name was cow patty. Brooklyn had fun looking at all the baby cows and the big momma cow named Fuzzy. Majority of the kids milked Fuzzy but Brooklyn wouldnt have nothing to do with her as usual.

It was time to see how the milk was bottled and the kids thought that was awesome watching the bottles get filled(with water). We made our way back to the new part they were building last year when we went and sampled the milk. This was the fun part :) I am so proud of Brooklyn she tried all of them except for a few. She down the rootbeer,strawberry and chocolate milk. We learnt were they made ice cream and cheese. I took some pics of Brooklyn and then we left to come back to Richmond to get Abby.

Overall Brooklyn and i enjoyed spending time together!

Halloween 2010

Brooklyn's preschool class

Brooklyn had her halloween party at school and it turnt out great. She enjoyed all the games and sweets! Brooklyn wore her Dorthy costume that Gamma made her. There were 2 Dorthy's. Chloe and Brooklyn both had the same idea this year. :)

Halloween started off late. Camden had to work till 6. It was almost 7 before he left work. We were then off to our annual places we go! First stop was Gamma and Pappi's house. We spent some time with everyone. The kiddos were ready to go trick or treating so we took them down the road. After making our rounds down the street and back we were off to excelsior to see my parents. Both girls were asleep by the time we got there but still got them out. Grandma went camera happy and then loaded Brooklyn up on candy. Abby was still tired and didnt want no one! We finally left my parents and then headed into excelsior. It was getting late so we went to about 20 houses and then stopped for the night since Brooklyn had school the next morning. Abby loved watching all the kids going from house to house. This was her first year she went with us since last year she was only a week old.Not our normal routine that we usually do but we stopped at the fire station which was something we have never done before. :) Overall it was a great halloween and the girls loved trick or treating. Cant wait for next year ( hopefully i am not working) Brooklyn has already said she wanted to be Alice and wonderland for next year but i bet that will change when this time comes again next year.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 2010

October has been a busy month for us. We have been staying busy and when we are not working we are doing something. Camden has been staying busy constantly working with the GOB sell up at lexington. Will be glad when that store officially closes and things go back to normal. Things with the girls are great. Brooklyn went to her field trip with Camden and had so much fun and met up with a buddy from last year. School is going great for her but her whole class has been talk to about being too talkative. Abby celebrated her birthday on the 17th with family and had so much fun. She loves all of her new toys especially the barn gamma gave her and the baby from cousins Tara-Emmalee and Tori. She is growing like a weed and i cant believe she is already a year old. We went to the dr yesterday for her 1yr check up and he said she is great! Our little chunky monkey is 21 lbs 4oz and 28 3/8 in long. Abby's official bday i worked that morning and then i took the girls to Tara and Duane's for their halloween party. The girls and i had a great time and Abby was happy to be around family that evening. I must say gamma did a great job on all the costumes! They all were fabulous! Brooklyn has her halloween party at school this week and is excited to wear her dorthy costume. She cant wait to go trick or treating! Overall both girls are doing great and couldnt be better!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brooklyn- Abby

Brooklyn went back to school in Aug and is doing very good at school. She has a few kids in her class that like to get into trouble. Brooklyn has become a sassy butt and she is learning real quick that it doesnt fly very well with anyone. So we are working on the not being sassy and telling people no! She recently turned 5 in Sept. Hard to believe 5 yrs ago i had her. She wanted her party at the park and it to be hannah montana theme! Overall she had a awesome birthday! Oct has come and she is ready for Halloween. She wanted to be dorthy off of the wizard of oz so the wonderful gamma is making her costume again this year for her. She is one happy little girl! She will be attending her first field trip this year with daddy to the pumpkin patch! So that will be nice for her and daddy to get some time spent together alone. I am disappointed cause i wanted to take Abby since this would be her first time to the patch but that will have to wait due to me having to work.

Abby is growing like a weed. Brooklyn and i looked at pics of her along time ago and she definatley has changed. She has learnt to pull up and start officially crawling instead of the army crawling. I think with the help of Miss Lilleigh she pulled it off by watching her! But Abby has shown Lilleigh a few tricks of her own- like her little head stands! Those 2 are like 2 peas in a pod! They are cousins and best friends! :) Abby has been a little stubborn girl when it comes to drinking out of a sippy. She has not been wanting to do it but we are working on that since in a few weeks she will no longer be on the bottle!She has become one little piggy when it comes to eating. She sees anyone with food she wants it too! She has learnt to say momma on top of daddy but here lately she is all about saying daddy calling everyone daddy. Normal cause Brookyln did the same thing. Abby will be turning 1 soon. Doesnt seem like it has already been a year. She will be having a lady bug themed party. This will be her 2nd halloween this year and she is going to be here comes trouble and again the wonderful gamma is making her costume as well!

Cant wait to see how all the costumes come out with the handy creations of Gamma! :)