Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We have been busy this month!

Abby has tried another meat (turkey). She absolutely hates it! So we have laid off trying meats. She has been eating everything else just fine :) She just recently started eating the baby puffs and loves them! She has been doing the army crawl and she is saying dada dada! She has also starting drinking her bottles out of a sippy cup! :)

Brooklyn is excited to go back to school next month! She has been helping feed Abby her snacks and helping getting Abby to moving around on the floor by playing with her! Such a big sister! We had a girls day/ bday for Alli this month. Took the girls to get their nails done,eat lunch and then off to fun run! We didnt stay long cause Alli got a burn on her arm from playing on the slide so we took her home and then came home to get ready for vacation!She is also has picked out her bday party for sept and its going to be hannah montana!Overall Brooklyn has been a great big helper for mommy and daddy! :)

We just recently got back from our family reunion we go to every year. We had alot of fun relaxing and enjoying the stress free environment! The girls had fun playing in the pool and Brooklyn actually got papa to get in with her! First for her and couldnt tell you the last time i seen my dad in a swimming pool! Brooklyn is doing alot better on learning to float and swim on her own with her barbie life jacket. We all enjoyed the homemade ice cream on friday night! Brooklyn had lots of fun playing with different cousins and the kiddy auction! Saturday night was pic night of the families so we had to wear our family color(which ours is purple) Sunday we headed home and we stopped by Jacob's cave on the way home.
This was a first for the girls! Abby enjoyed being in the stroller walking threw the cave and then Brooklyn on the other hand had to be carried the WHOLE way threw and the WHOLE way back! She didnt like the dark!

Took Abby to the dr today and dr said she is great! Abby is definately teething. She is 19lbs 6 oz and 27 1/2 in long- she is sliming down on her weight and not gaining as fast but she is going to be a litte tall girl :)