Tuesday, February 23, 2010

-what a suprise-

Friday the 19th while over at Gamma's house while Camden and i was working, Abigail rolled over!!!! YEA ABBY! She has never really showed any interest in doing that since she gets so mad being on her tummy! But after much success she DID IT! Now if you lay her on her back she shows much interest in wanting to roll over cause of the way she moves her body but still hasnt done it in front of Camden and i. I am just happy she showed her success in front of family! My baby is getting to be a big girl! Abigail is talking more gibberish and coo's and slobbers like crazy! So keeping the look out for those white shiny chompers to come threw! She is throwing us for a loop on her sleeping habits because she used to be more a wake during the day and slept really well at night and all night! Now she sleeps more during the day and then finally gives in at 1am and then gets Camden or I up in between 7 and 8. I am happy she is still sleeping threw the night but it would be nice to go to bed before 1am. Hopefully its just a fluke and she goes back to her old routine and doesnt stay like this.
Brooklyn has been wanting to help with sister and well she gave Abigail a ride! Camden was home with the girls and he layed Abby in her swing while he went to go fix her a bottle and Brooklyn went over to push her and she pushed too hard and Abby went flying forward out of her swing,face first into the floor. Camden said she didnt cry and didnt seemed hurt. She had a little red mark on her face but that was all. YEA!! NO BRUISES! Other than her tormenting her sister and beating her up, she has still continues to love school and loves going. Here lately it has snowed and she has been wanting to play in the snow but we have not made our way out to the snow to play in it.
Camden is still busy with working and then coming home. He is so ready for the weather to warm back up so he can go fishing. In April we are taking our own little family vacation (for the first time since we have been married) to Branson. We are going to go enjoy the scenes and Camden is going to be in his first fishing tournment and then we are going to go visit Granny Julie and Grandpa Dorsey. The last time we seen them was our wedding and they havent seen the kids so we want to go. I am still busy working all the time and then home with the girls on my days off. Last friday Camden offered to keep the girls so i could go see my high school friend who i havent seen since we graduated which was almost 8 years ago! :( I had such a great time catching up with her and seeing her kids. I wished she was here in MO but her hubby really doesnt wanna move back so i guess i will stick with keeping in contact with her threw fb and texting! Overall it was nice to get out of the house and by myself with out kids! One of these nights Cam and i are going to have a date night!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Abigail and Brooklyn

Evan Thomas

Abigail Rae and Lilleigh Rae

2010 has brought us 2 new members to our family! Both babies are so precious and so cute! We welcome Lilleigh Rae and Evan Thomas! Lilleigh was born January 20,2010 and Evan was born February 2,2010!

Brooklyn is still having fun at school and learning more and more! She is doing very well and she has learn almost how to spell her name by herself. There are a few letters she still has problems with but overall doing great. She knows her colors and her shapes and she can count to 13 by herself. We have a smart cookie on our hands! She has more and more of a attitude but she is a good helper when she wants be with little sister. She loves playing with her and i think its more or less making her mad than anything! She is still having issues with her sleeping in her own bed! We made her bedtime 9pm instead of 10, its 9pm all the time and so far it seems to be working ok, so far she only gets out of bed once and thats it and then she is asleep. But then she is into the whole waking up and going potty in the middle of the night and then its off to mommy and daddy's bed not back to hers!

Abigail is getting big and growing like a weed. She is starting to outgrown some of her 0-3 clothes :( She is eating 6oz bottles every 3 to 4 hours but sometimes longer. She is still doing very well at sleeping at night occasionally we have a few nights where she wakes up in the middle of the night but overall she is doing awesome with sleeping threw the night! :) We were giving her rice cereal in her bottles when she was like 5 wks old but we stopped that after a few weeks cause you couldnt see any difference in her sleeping patterns. Abigail goes back to the dr this month and we hopes to find out how much our chunky baby weighs! :) Her last dr appt she was 14lbs so it wouldnt suprise me if she is closer to 20! We have a growing girl on our hands!