Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maternity leave

Yesterday Camden brought me the mail when he came home from work and it had my maternity leave papers in it. Well i thought since i had a c section that they would make me be off 8 weeks but i was wrong it has me only off 6 weeks! I am not going to complain cause i am actually starting to go crazy staying at home. There is only so much you can do and after you get done cleaning there is nothing left to do. I could not be a stay at home mommy! So my last day of maternity leave is Dec 4th! :( I am not really looking forward to going back to work but i am in a way! It will be here before i know it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

~Abby is 2 weeks old ~

She is officially 2 weeks old today! She went for her 2 wk check up and she is one healthy baby girl! The dr was very pleased with how well she is doing and growing! She is now 9lbs 4oz, 20 5/8 long, and her head is 15 1/8 around! He sees nothing wrong with her and wants to see her when she is 2 months old! I cant believe 2 weeks ago i gave birth to this little baby. She is doing so good! She sleeps really well for us at night and she only wakes up 2 times a night! :) I am very thankful she sleeps cause Brooklyn we had problems with at first! We are very lucky with this one cause she takes to the formula very good and we dont have to go back and forth like Brooklyn and she sleeps!!!! She is getting ready to outgrow her newborn diapers and go into size 1's but she is still in newborn clothes for now. If she keeps growing in length then it will be a different story!

Brooklyn had her official first homework yesterday afternoon. They were not able to do class work because Clayton and John were fighting and not getting along all day so everything they did was a group activity. Brooklyn got it done as soon as we came home from school. :) Next tuesday she has show in tell and weds we have a field trip to the dairy farm and then the 19th we have school pics. I am going crazy staying at home! I would never in my life be a stay at home mom cause seriously you can only do so much at home! I still have 6 weeks before i can go back! I better enjoy it while i am off i guess besides going nuts cause there are days we have nothing to do!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Our first stop was Gamma and Pappi's house so everyone could see the girls. Brooklyn was a penguin and Abby was a giraffe. Our next stop was grandma and papa's house. Mom kept Abby for us so that way we could take Brooklyn out for a while and not worry about a baby getting sick with her being a newborn. We went to our normal spot over by the high school area and Brooklyn was having so much fun. She says she loves halloween cause she gets all kinds of candy. Well there really wasnt alot of houses with lights on this year in excelsior but she still landed with 2 pumpkins full of candy. We may a pit stop over by the middle school and Camden and Brooklyn went to some houses over in the new housing additions over there. Jeremy called us and wanted to meet up with us so that way they all could see the baby and Anna could see Brooklyn so we made our way back to Richmond and met them and the girls had so much fun playing cause they have not seen one another in 2 months. Anna was a tiger and she was a cute tiger. Abby stayed asleep the whole time we were talking to him and Stephanie but it was nice catching up with some friends and talking since we hadnt seen them in a while. Overall it was a good night and Abby enjoyed staying at grandma's house. She had her first halloween and we plan on taking her next year trick or treating and we are thinking about staying in richmond next year as well too see which is better.