Sunday, June 27, 2010

~Baby food~

Why does baby food have to smell like dog food??? It's nasty to think my child is eating this but she is! Abby just finished off her first jar of chicken baby food. She started on the jar yesterday and she ate it and then finished it up tonight with pears. She is doing great eating baby food. She is just like Brooklyn. She eats anything! :) The other day when we finished getting the rest of her jars- we debated on getting her a couple jars of meats to see how she would react to them. Well now we know! Next is turkey! She has been eating more and more baby food and loving every bit of it! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Abby is learning more on sitting. She has been sitting by herself on the floor for 30 to 45 mins and then gives in and falls over. Tough little girl she doesnt cry :) In the walker she has learn to move her legs and push off and go forward! :) instead of always going backwards! Her teeth are still bothering her but they are coming in more and more every day, you can officially see the 2 when she smiles and gets fustrated- when she gets fustrated she loves to wrinkle her nose- too cute

Brooklyn still same Brooklyn. Trying to keep her on track with things she learned at school and writing her name. She still loves aggravating her little sister!

Cant wait for vacation in july! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Abby and Brooklyn

Quick update- Abby has her second tooth! :) She is rolling over more and more and she has gotten better on sitting up with something helpin her. No other signs of her sittin up on her own yet. She is still moving around on her belly more and more but no usin her knees and arms and crawling. No other news on her!

Brooklyn- not much going on with her other than she totally cant wait for her friend Macynna to come in. Tomorrow is the big day! She is still wondering why she hasnt went back to school yet. She hasnt gotten the consept of a summer break. She still cant make up her mind on what she wants to do for her birthday party! Cant believe she is almost 5 yrs old!

Times flying by!