Monday, April 26, 2010

Abby is 6 months old!

My baby girl is growing up so fast and she is the big 6 months old! She goes back to the dr on the 29th to see where she is at on her wellness checkups and then dr will decide wether or not to have the test ran on her head due to her 4 month visit he was worried her head being too big. Here before to long she is going to have 2 teeth! You can start seeing white pearly gums on the bottom and see 2 that look like they are going to pop threw soon! YEA!!!! Aka mom is tired of a cranky butt and nasty i mean nasty diapers!

Brooklyn is almost 5 yrs old ( 5 more months)! Hard to believe! She still loves school more than ever and cant wait for her zoo field trip still! She got 2 zhu zhu pets on our vacation for being so good by Camden! She has more and more of a attitude and becoming her own little self! She went fishing again with daddy the other night but never caught anything. She was happy to take her barbie pole but she told daddy she needs a dora one just like tori! LOL

This coming weekend we are planning on going to the parade uptown at the mushroom festival if its not raining and also the mo chip process is taking place again this year and wanna get Abby on it as well! Then it will be off to Cobi and Dylan's parties! So looks like our Sat is all filled up!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

" Our First Family Vacation"

We were debating on wether to even go or not because we had originally planned to come due to Camden having a fishing tournment. Well at the last minute we decided to come since we havent seen Granny Julie and Grandpa Dorsey since the wedding which was almost 5 years ago plus we had not seen Miranda and her kids. We left Sat afternoon at 430pm and got down here officially at 9 due to having to stop 3 times so Brooklyn could take potty breaks. Sat morning we got up and around and everyone got showers and baths out of the way and then we went to walmart and got a few things (due to Brooklyn not feeling great) and we strolled threw the toy isles and low and behold there were the zuzu pets! She wants one so bad! And daddy told her if she was good this weekend she could have one so everyone watch out cause she may have one by the time we get home!LOL After that we made our way over to Julie and Dorsey's house. We spent most of the day with them and suprisingly they took us to eat lunch. About 830- 9 ish (pm) Miranda and the kids show up after being at their fathers house all day. Brooklyn didnt know what to do with so many cousins she didnt even know. Abigail didnt either! Miranda now has 5 kids and suprisingly she has a girl named Abigail! LOL Needless to say we got a pic of Abigail and Abigail together and will post later! Overall good day and spent some needed time with the family and Cam got some fishing in! Brooklyn and Abigail got to meet- Aunt Miranda, Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dorsey( which she calls grandma and grandpa but then she says they are her great) Cousins- Abigail,Austin,Logan,Gabriella and Conner.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Abigail tried oatmeal cereal!!!!

Today while we were out and about i stopped in at my mom's work and we picked up some oatmeal cereal. I fixed it for her with a bottle when we came home and she downed it! YEA!!!! Abby hated the rice cereal! I tried anything and everything to get her to eat the rice and she would not do it! She downed the oatmeal without gaggin and acting like she was going to throw up! :) Made my day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April is here!

Abigail- 5 months old

Brooklyn- 4 1/2 yr old

Abigail- 5 months old

April 1st we had Brooklyn's easter party at school. They had so much fun and they dyed 2 eggs apiece and then we proceeded over to the park for a egg hunt and to finish out the party. The kids had so much fun with everything- snacks- hunt and playing!
Abigail is still sick with her stuff she has. Camden took her to the dr on the 31st of March and they said she had a ear infection and gave her meds for her ear and the cough she has. She has been on the meds and is about done with them well she is still not better so we called the dr back monday and they have put her on breathing treatments= mommy hates! Hate them cause Abigail has one right before her normal bedtime and then she is up till 12 sometimes after! ERRRRR! She is doing much better being on them and not coughing as much but she is still alittle so hopefully a few more days and she will be cured! PLEASE HOPE!!!
I am so happy that Brooklyn has not came down with Abigail sickness that she cant get over! With the weather being so nice some days we have been hanging outside alittle more so Brooklyn can play and not be cooped up in the house. Last week we had a rain storm move in and my mother had a window fall down on her when she tried to close it and it broke her nose. I took her to the er to have it looked at and my dad met me there. Poor thing looks horrible! Brooklyn is looking forward to Tori's bday party this weekend! The following weekend i have a baby shower but we were also planning on a family vacation down to Branson to visit with family we have not seen in 5 years. Then come the 29th we have Abigail's dr appt and then get to find out if she has to have a test ran or not! Keep figures crossed we dont have too~!
Camden is enjoying the weather due to now he can go fishing more! He just put a new gas tank on his truck due to the old one leaking like a faucet and its going good! He just told me the other day he losted his wedding ring!:( We have looked all over and only a few more places to look and if cant find it its gone! This month we will be married 5 years but been together 8 1/2 years! He was working on helping coaching soccer but due to his schedule changing and my schedule for work he has not been able to.


We started off by going to sunrise service at church followed by breakfast. Then came home and took a little nap before church.We made our way back to church and following services they had a easter egg hunt for the kids. We spent some time with my parents and Amy and her kids and Nick were over for a while as well. Amy had a easter egg hunt for the kids so Brooklyn had 2 hunts in one day = way too much candy for one day! We had pizza for our easter dinner which was good! :) We made our way home about 5ish that night and Camden mowed the yard while i took pics of the girls outside. Overall we had a good easter!

come may we have our trip to the zoo for preschool and our friends are having a baby and miss Alaina will be here! :)