Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 2010

We have had a not so good month. We have all been sick off and on this whole month and the colds just seem to keep coming. Brooklyn and Abby have kept us busy. Brooklyn had her christmas party at school before christmas break and she ended up with makeup. She has been on christmas break now and she is enjoying the sleeping in. I ended up working christmas eve this year and was off christmas. We got a unexpected text on both mine and Camden's phone from his sister. Camden's dad wanted us to come spend christmas eve with him and the family. This is the first time since Camden and I have been together that they have involved us in anything.

Needless to say it went ok and the girls got a giant stuffed dog and a table and chair set that converts to a castle from Grandpa Butch and Grandma Kim. Brooklyn had a good time playing with her cousins. Christmas day we spent it with my parents and sisters and uncle and aunt and cousin. We had a good time and ended the night watching the movie dispicable me. The girls had a great christmas and got a lot of stuff from everyone. Brooklyn got what she wanted from santa and was a happy camper.

Other than christmas- Abby took a few steps on her own and we are still battling her to do them again. I will be glad when she walks on her own. Makes it so much easier than carrying her everywhere. She finally got her 5th tooth. It has varely broke skin but its there. Besides her being crabby cause of being sick she is doing great.

Brookyln has been doing good. She is enjoying christmas break. She also still seems to be my mouthy girl. I only hope Abby doesnt learn that from her but i am sure she will. She got her wish that she wanted for christmas. She told us she wanted a cat and a dog well the other day Camden came home with the girls and a stray cat appeared. We think someone has dumped it off cause its the most loveable thing ever and it doesnt run from you and comes when you call it. She has officially named it Hannah Montana. And then when it comes to a dog- she got a stuffed one from gpa butch.

I think Brooklyn has outgrown the i hate animals cause she is in awe with the cat. She pets her everytime she goes outside and makes sure she has food and water.

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