Thursday, May 19, 2011

WOW~ It's been a while

Well its been a while since i last posted anything. Let me try and recap what all has happened. February we had a new addition to our family. Cale Thomas Odell graced us with his presents :) The girls love their new cousin. In March Abby went back to the dr for her what was suppose to be 18 month check up but she was only 17 mths. The dr said overall she was great but he wants us to come back in June and have her head re-measured. I was not able to go to this dr appt to ask questions but I am getting alittle tired of him bringing up her head is just too big and we may have to go and have another test done again. When June comes we will ask many questions and get down to the bottom of why he is so set on her head. But her measurements were : 25 lbs 30 1/4 in long

April was a busy month for us due to family birthdays-easter and our anniversary and Brooklyn's kindergarten screening. We had all kinds of family birthday parties to attend and the girls enjoyed them all :) April 23 was Camden and my 6 yr anniversary. Cant believe i have been married that long. Doesnt seem that long ago i fell in love with those baby blue eyes :) That evening we enjoyed the night out alone and went and seen a movie and dinner thanks to my parents :) Brooklyn had her kindergarten screening on the 27th and she has made us very proud. She scored in the 6yr range for everything. She did great and only missed a few things but its nothing we cant work on. She cant wait for kindergarten. She scored 80 out 81.

May hasnt been to bad. My mom had to have surgery and had 3 major surgeries all in one. She is doing good but still sore and not able to move around good. The end of the month we will have Brooklyn's preschool graduation which i cant wait to watch my baby girl make the transition to kindergarten. She loves school and she is so excited to go on to kindergarten. She will miss Mrs.Padgett and we hope she has some of her preschool friends in her class next year.

Overall the girls are doing fantastic. Brooklyn is so ready to go to kindergarten and she is ready for graduation. She had a few field trips this month and she enjoyed those. She is growing up. She is enjoying her sister more and more but she loves to annoy her alot.She is my big helper. Abby is moving around alot more and speaking more and more words. Sometimes i wonder where did you hear that. She is in love with Elmo so we are having elmo for her bday this year. She has all of her teeth in except 4 which are coming in all at once and then she is good till those 2 yr molars decide to pop threw. She is learning to climb on things more and more and she loves to stand after she has climbed. I hate to say this but i think my first broken bone is going to come from Abby since she is my dare devil. I will be suprised if she proves me wrong. Overall we are all doing great just staying busy. I cant wait for my vacation in july to get here :)

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